Global Employment

An International Investigation into the Future of Work

Employment has been adopted as a leading concern for the United Nations World Social Summit in March 1995. This important study, prepared for the Summit by the World Institute for Development Economics Research, comprises a wide-ranging set of investigations of the rapidly changing situation in the North, the new market economies of Eastern Europe and the increasingly heterogeneous economies of the South. Economists and other social scientists explore what the complex tendencies in the global economy mean for the changing nature of work and rising levels of joblessness, and the issues and policies being thrown up in response to new structural trends.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Employment and Unemployment in Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania
    Derseh Endale
    More Working Paper | Changing Patterns of Employment and Unemployment in Africa
  2. 2. Employment and Unemployment in the New Market Economies
    Arvo Kuddo
    More Working Paper | Emerging Labour Markets
  3. 3. The Politics and Economics of Global Employment: A Perspective from Latin America
    Hernando Gomez Buendia
  4. 4. Employment and Unemployment Issues in the Middle East and North Africa
    Moustafa Moustafa
  5. 5. Employment and the Comparative Advantage of South Asia in the Export of Labour Services: Unaddressed Issues in the Uruguay Round
    Rehman Sobhan
  6. 6. Changes in the Japanese Labour Market: Population Ageing and Technologocal Progress
    Naohiro Yashiko
  7. 7. The Improbability of Full Employment: A Perspective from India of the Emperor’s New Clothes
    Ajeet N. Mathur
  8. 8. The Role of the Private Sector in Employment Creation in Nigeria
    Udo Udo-Aka
  9. 9. Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania: A Path to Sustainable Livelihood
    Marja-Liisa Swantz
  10. 10. Labour Market Policies and Programmes for Counteracting Unemployment in Poland
    Mieczyslaw Kabaj
  11. 11. The Efficiency of Retraining Schemes in Hungary
    Ervin Gömbös
  12. 12. The Economic Reform and the Problem of Employment in Russia
    Alexander A. Tkachenko
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