Book Chapter
Global Food Balances and Individual Hunger

Three Themes in an Entitlements‐Based Approach

This chapter discusses three themes illuminating the regional element in the link between global food balances and individual hunger. First, for a nation-state in a global setting, it underlines the importance of non-market-based food-entitlements and the availability of food aid. Importantly, the prices of non-food exports should be considered while constructing early warning systems. It is argued that there can be and usually are significant indirect effects when various traded and non-traded food crops are substitutes in production or consumption. Lastly, in a system of market-based entitlements, there exists net buyers and net sellers, and hence a fall in food price has a mixed impact. The chapter also examines the problem of data availability. For making good use of nutrition-based poverty measures, performing sensitivity analysis using different cut-offs is suggested.