National Perspectives on the New Regionalism in the South

This volume presents various national perspectives on the process of regionalization for a more concrete understanding of its dynamics. It is dedicated to country studies from the South and explores to what extent the New Regionalism can provide solutions to the challenges of globalization faced by the region. This is the third volume in the New Regionalism Series.

Table of contents
  1. 1. To Be or Not To Be?: Regionalization in East and Southeast Asia
    Joakim Öjendal
    More Working Paper | The Political Economy of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
  2. 2. China's Options in Asia Pacific Regionalization
    Tiejun Zhang
  3. 3. The East Asian Economic Caucus (EAEC): 'Formalized' Regionalism Being Denied
    Stephen Leong
  4. 4. India in SAARC: A Reluctant Policy-Maker
    S. D. Muni
  5. 5. Chile: The Search for Open Regionalism
    Alberto van Klaveren
  6. 6. Globalization vs Regionalism: A Brazilian Point of View
    Marcílio Marques Moreira
  7. 7. Uruguayan Foreign Policies in the Nineties: Continuities and Changes with a View to Recent Regionalisms
    Lincoln Bizzozero
  8. 8. Regionalist Responses in the Caribbean Basin
    Jean Grugel, Anthony J. Payne
  9. 9. Regional Integration - Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Entity: In Whose Interest?
    Helena Lindholm-Schulz, Michael Schulz
  10. 10. The Southern Africa Region and the Regional Hegemon
    Bertil Odén
  11. 11. Building a New Relationship in Southern Africa: The Challenge Facing South Africa's Government of National Unity
    Robert Davies
  12. 12. Hegemon, Region and Nation State: The Case Mozambique
    Hans Abrahamsson
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