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– A suddenly relevant indicator of privilege and inequality in labour market outcomes
Piotr Lewandowski - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented shock for labour markets around the world. Non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as social distancing, and limits on economic activity and mobility of people, are a necessary response. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that...

Anna Schnupp - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is often put forward as the solution to youth unemployment — but to prove its worth, better evidence is needed. A new survey tracking over 1,600 TVET graduates as they enter the world of work, the first of its kind in Mozambique, sets...

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Takwanisa Machemedze, Andrew Kerr, Rob Dorrington - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The existing sources of demographic data for South Africa have different strengths and limitations that make them inadequate for calibration of sample weights in post-apartheid South African household surveys. The official mid-year population estimates produced by Statistics South Africa do...

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Dirk van Seventer, Finn Tarp, Nyo Nyo San, Soe Thie Nu Htwe, Thandar - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper documents the compilation of a 2017 Social Accounting Matrix for Myanmar. This is based on partial and unpublished National Accounts data and unpublished Supply and Use Table data, as well as Balance of Payment data and Government Finance Statistics data. It provides a detailed...

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– An integrated approach
Petra Sauer, Narasimha D. Rao, Shonali Pachauri - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

In large parts of the world, income inequality has been rising in recent decades. Other regions have experienced declining trends in income inequality. This raises the question of which mechanisms underlie contrasting observed trends in income inequality around the globe. To address this...

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– The cases of Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe
Richard Adu-Gyamfi, Simplice A. Asongu, Tinaye Sonto Mmusi, Herbert Wamalwa, Madei Mangori - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The objective of this research is to assess the extent to which export processing zones in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in their implementation and operations. We focused on four Sustainable Development Goals—gender equality, decent...

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Joan Halstein - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores how Southern Africa can leverage its mineral resources to support growth and industrialization. It considers the aggregate and spatial effects of transport infrastructure improvements, and the relative benefits of financing these investments through resource sector concessions...

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Andrew Kerr - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The IRP5 and IT3(a) tax data from the South African Revenue Service have been made available to researchers through a joint project between the South African Revenue Service, the National Treasury, and UNU-WIDER. In this paper, I explain how to use these data to correctly identify labour...

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– Is success influenced by design attributes?
Cornelius Dube, Wellington Matsika, Gamuchirai Chiwunze - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Special economic zones (SEZs) in Africa are generally regarded as underperforming relative to their peers in the rest of the world. This study focuses on the design features of the SEZ in Africa that may help explain this underperformance. Literature was reviewed to identify the key design...

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– Italy and Kenya compared
Clive Bell - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

COVID-19 causes extremely high mortality among the old. This motivates a comparison of the losses of future lifetime years and future lifetime years of work ensuing from a hypothetical 25,000 excess deaths in Italy, whose affluent population is one of the world’s oldest, with those in Kenya,...

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Mustapha Douch - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The principal contribution of this paper is to investigate the relationship between policy uncertainty, caused by recent developments in international markets, and firms’ trade margins for the largest economy in Africa: South Africa. In particular, using a unique database on the population...

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– The case of Brazil
Sergio Firpo, Renan Pieri, Rafaela Nogueira - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Through rapid urbanization, Brazil—previously a country where most workers were in the agricultural sector—went through a strong process of structural transformation that lasted almost four decades until economic liberalization at the beginning of the 1990s. During the same period,...

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– Evidence from Tanzania
Aimable Nsabimana, Justice Tei Mensah - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper, we examine the relationship between childhood exposure to adverse weather shocks and nutritional and health outcomes of children in Tanzania. Using household panel data matched with spatially disaggregated data on weather shocks, we exploit the plausibly exogenous variations in...

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Jacomien van der Merwe, Stephan Krygsman - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The purpose of this research is to investigate whether transport accessibility influences the employment duration of individuals in South Africa. The South African Revenue Service’s IRP5 administration datasets, which indicate employment duration and spatial location data (where workers...

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– The case of South Africa
Haroon Bhorat, Kezia Lilenstein, Morné Oosthuizen, Amy Thornton - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Earnings growth in South Africa displayed a U-shaped pattern across the earnings percentiles between 2000 and 2015, resembling wage polarization in the industrialized world. We investigate whether the drivers of this example of wage polarization in an emerging economy resemble those explored...

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Michael Danquah, Kunal Sen - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

In many low-income transition countries, where formal institutions such as courts do not function effectively, informal institutions are often used by firms to minimize transaction risks. We examine the role of informal institutions, in the forms of relational contracting and social networks,...

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