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Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
Kristi Mahrt, Andrea Rossi, Vincenzo Salvucci, Finn Tarp - Child Indicators Research, 2020

We analyse the multidimensional wellbeing of children aged 0–17 in Mozambique and find that 46.3% can be considered multidimensionally poor.  A substantial divide exists between urban and rural areas and between northern and southern provinces. We compare Mozambican children’s...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
Carol Newman, John Rand, Finn Tarp, Neda Trifković - Journal of Development Studies, 2020

Using a representative sample of more than 5,000 Vietnamese enterprises, we explore the firm-level productivity effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The data enables us to create 12 quantitative CSR measures, which can be grouped into two broader categories related to management and...

– Are women more affected?
Bina Agarwal - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Globally, governments are using lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19. This has disproportionately affected the poor, the homeless, and the migrants who are left without livelihoods, especially where the lockdown is country-wide, as in India. But has it affected women more than men? If so,...

– An all too real dilemma for the poor in India (and elsewhere)
Marty Chen - WIEGO, 2020

On March 24, in a speech to the nation, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, announced a 21-day lockdown. With only four hours’ notice, 1.3 billion people were expected to stay at home and not venture out for three weeks. All buses, trains and domestic air flights were suspended. But the...

Vanda Castelo, Finório Castigo, José Cardoso, Michael Noble, Gemma Wright - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

This report documents MOZMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Mozambique. The report describes the different tax-benefit policies in place, how the microsimulation model picks up these different provisions, and the database on which the model runs. It concludes with a validation of MOZMOD...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Direct evidence using transaction data
Ludvig Wier - Journal of Public Economics, 2020

This paper provides the first direct systematic evidence of profit shifting through transfer mispricing in a developing country. Using South African transaction-level customs data, the author directly tests for transfer price deviations from arm's-length pricing. It is found that...

Working Paper pdf
Alia Aghajanian, Patricia Justino, Jean-Pierre Tranchant - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores the relationship between household exposure to riots and social capital in urban India using a panel dataset collected by the authors in the state of Maharashtra. The analysis applies a random-effect model with lagged covariates to estimate the exogenous effect of riots on...

Working Paper pdf
– An investigation of India’s employment guarantee programme
Parantap Basu, Rajesh Raj Natarajan, Kunal Sen - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Administrative failures in anti-poverty programmes are widespread in developing countries. We focus on one such administrative failure—the persistent delay in paying beneficiaries on time in India’s iconic anti-poverty programme, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA...

Working Paper pdf
– A top-down approach
Ada Jansen, Winile Ngobeni, Alexius Sithole, Wynnona Steyn - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

A key objective of many governments is to improve tax revenue mobilization. One way to achieve this is by improving tax compliance. This requires accurate knowledge of the tax gap, i.e. the difference between what should be paid and what is actually paid. Until now, tax gaps have been...

– Working together to achieve the SDGs
Anna Toppari, Kunal Sen, Maureen Were, Milla Nyyssölä, Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen, Teresa Undurraga Alessandri - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

'It was great to have enough time to discuss each paper. I received useful and frank feedback. The topics are relevant for everyone. I noticed a healthy gender balance.' These were some of the comments expressed at our research review workshop in Dar es Salaam in February,...

John Rand, Finn Tarp - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

The structural changes of the economy have been a significant contributor to Vietnam’s impressive growth over the past 30 years. Labour has moved rapidly from agriculture into manufacturing, with important improvements in livelihoods as a result. The burgeoning private sector played a key...

Patricia Justino - , 2020

In his presidential address to the Royal Economic Society in 1996, the late Professor Anthony Atkinson famously called for discussion of inequality and income distribution to be brought 'in from the cold'. Since then there have been many examples of inequality worldwide: the pan-banging...

– Explaining income distributions with ‘decompositions’
Carlos Gradín - LIS, 2020 - Luxembourg

The understanding of inequality requires the analysis of changes in income distributions across countries and over time as well as the identification of its drivers. To achieve this we use different statistical tools to identify the distributional patterns and summarize the results using...

Arkebe Oqubay - Project Syndicate, 2020 - Prague, Czech Republic

There is no telling how long it will take to bring the COVID-19 coronavirus under control, or how many people will be affected. But African governments, in cooperation with communities and international actors, can take steps now to limit the damage – and lay the foundations for a healthier...

– My experience as a visiting PhD Fellow
Weiwei Chen - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

I am now in my fourth year as a PhD student in development studies at SOAS, University of London, working on my thesis, ‘The Dynamics of Chinese Private Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Ethiopia: A Comparison of Light Manufacturing Industry and Construction Material Industry’....

Anne Tomi - UNU-WIDER, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

Globally, women are under-represented in the field of economics. Only a third of all academic research staff in the field of economics in Europe are women. In the US the share is even lower. And this share becomes smaller the higher one climbs in the hierarchy. Only 24% of professors in European...

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