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Journal Article
– Rapidly increasing top incomes amid low national growth in South Africa
Ihsaan Bassier, Ingrid Woolard - South African Journal of Economics , 2021

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW. Despite South Africa’s need for inclusive economic growth, we find that the top income percentiles continue to diverge from the rest of the income distribution. We compare household survey data and tax data (which, unlike household survey data, includes...

– Concepts, methods, and determinants
Vegard Iversen, Anirudh Krishna, Kunal Sen - Oxford University Press, 2021

BOOK IN PRODUCTION | SCHEDULED FOR PUBLICATION OCTOBER 2021. Social mobility — defined as the ability to move from a lower to a higher level of education or occupational status, or from a lower to a higher social class or income group — is the hope of economic development...

Journal Article
– Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms
Karishma Banga - European Journal of Development Research, 2021

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW. This article provides empirical evidence on the impact of digitalisation on product upgrading in global value chains (GVCs). Analysis is done for a sample of Indian manufacturing GVC firms in the period 2001–15 from the firm-level database Prowess, using...

Journal Special Issue This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Vietnamese and Afghan migrants in Canada, Germany, the UK, and the US
Rachel M. Gisselquist - Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2021

THIS COLLECTION OF ARTICLES IS ON EARLY VIEW. Migration is an inherent feature of human history. A rich literature considers the experiences of global migrants across diverse environments. This special issue explores such experiences with a focus on inequality between migrants and host...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Evidence from the Han and ethnic minorities in China
Yao Pan, Yishen Liu - Economics of Education Review, 2021

This study investigates the unexpected impact that enforcing birth control policies in China has upon the educational stratification between the Han majority, the policy target group, and ethnic minorities, a partially excluded group. Exploring county-level variation in the value of fines...

– What needs to happen next time
Kunal Sen, Michael Danquah, Robert Darko Osei, Simone Schotte - The Conversation Africa, 2021

Coronavirus lockdowns brought the world to a standstill. Rules on hygiene and social distancing have reshaped daily life, schools and businesses had been closed, and gatherings banned. Almost 2.7 billion workers, representing around 81% the world’s workforce, have been affected by partial...

– It needs a rethink
H. Xavier Jara, Lourdes Montesdeoca, Iva Tasseva - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Household incomes in Ecuador were badly hit by the pandemic, despite the government’s emergency grant to families. H Xavier Jara Tamayo (University of Essex), Lourdes Montesdeoca (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Ecuador) and Iva Tasseva (LSE) say the country needs to rethink...

Josaphat Kweka, Julian Boys, Amrita Saha - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

The private sector and enterprises have a key role to play in the development of the Tanzanian economy. This Policy Brief provides insights and solutions that could offer business sectors the vital policy support that they need to develop and grow. Linkages with large firms provide a...

Anastasia Shesterinina - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Civil wars leave enduring legacies for social networks, political identities, preferences, and attitudes. Their impacts on public perceptions of peace, participation in politics and economic activity, state institutions, economic development, education, and a range of other outcomes that run...

Zachariah Mampilly - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

That we are living in an era of popular protest is undeniable. A quick survey of headlines from around the world — or better yet, your social media feed — reveals countless uprisings unfolding in real time. Farmers protest efforts to privatize their land in India, Argentinians march...

Kunal Sen - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

One of the most pressing challenges in development policy is to bring about rapid, sustained, and inclusive growth in developing countries. Apart from a handful of countries in East Asia, very few developing countries have experienced prolonged periods of rapid economic growth and large declines...

Patricia Justino - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

One of the most critical challenges in international development today is to understand how best to support peace, security, economic recovery, and legitimate political authority in fragile and conflict-affected countries. One and a half billion people live in countries affected by political...

Sonia Bhalotra, Manuel Fernández - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

At the global level, gender gaps in labour force participation have narrowed and over half a billion women have joined the workforce in the last 30 years. However, there is enormous variation in women's labour force participation (FLFP) across low- and middle-income countries, and there is no...

Report pdf
– Results from the GSPS-COVID panel survey
Simone Schotte, Michael Danquah, Robert Darko Osei, Kunal Sen - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

This survey is a collaborative project conducted by researchers of the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) and the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, Legon. It presents one of the few...

Sudipa Sarkar - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Marriage at a younger age, generally before the legal age of marriage, is a pervasive practice in many parts of the world. Worldwide, more than 700 million women alive today were married before their 18th birthday and 25 million were married before the age of 15. The incidence of child...

Sam Jones - The Conversation UK, 2021 - London, UK

Investments in infrastructure – such as roads – typically aim to reduce transport costs, stimulate trade, and make new production activities viable. Across sub-Saharan Africa, the need for such investments is widely acknowledged. The argument for more and better infrastructure...

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