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– How five African countries fared
Jesse Lastunen, Pia Rattenhuber, Rodrigo C. Oliveira - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

The number of people living in poverty around the world is estimated to have increased by half a billion people due to the COVID-19 crisis. The African continent has suffered at least US$100 billion in economic costs in 2020, measured by the reduction in trade revenues and financial flows due to...

Gemma Wright, Michael Noble - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Are there enough tax payers to generate the revenue needed by governments to reduce poverty? How adequate are the social security arrangements that already exist? Anyone who has started to probe these issues will know that the answers to such questions can be hard to pin down. This is why the...

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– The case of Indonesia
Kyunghoon Kim, Andy Sumner - Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2021 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Discussions on the developing world's industrial policies have largely neglected the role of state-owned entities. This paper argues that the resurgence of state capitalism has been, in part, the response of developing countries to the recent pattern of structural transformation involving...

Journal Article
– Evidence from China
Jing You, Xinxin Ding, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa, Sangui Wang - Journal of Housing Economics, 2021

We investigate heterogeneous and nonlinear intergenerational transmission of education and the impact on this of house prices. Using the China Household Finance Survey, we construct household history of property pur-chases and educational investment over the past 16 years with current filial...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Dead end or stepping-stone?
Michael Danquah, Simone Schotte, Kunal Sen - IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 2021

Despite rapid economic growth in recent decades, informality remains a persistent phenomenon in the labor markets of many low- and middle-income countries. A key issue in this regard concerns the extent to which informality itself is a persistent state. Using panel data from Ghana, South...

This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Concepts, methods, and determinants
Vegard Iversen, Anirudh Krishna, Kunal Sen - Oxford University Press, 2021

Social mobility — defined as the ability to move from a lower to a higher level of education or occupational status, or from a lower to a higher social class or income group — is the hope of economic development and the mantra of a good society. There are disagreements about what...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
Henrik Hansen, John Rand, Finn Tarp, Neda Trifković - European Journal of Development Research, 2021

Using a survey of enterprises in Myanmar, we examine demand for formal credit and the extent to which firms are self-constrained by not applying for credit or if they apply and are constrained by bank’s rejections. We have information about firm managers’ managerial capacity and risk...

Working Paper pdf
Ninon Moreau-Kastler, Farid Toubal - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

We show that legal opacity is a strong factor in drug trafficking. We develop a new framework that illustrates how legal opacity influences countries’ seizure rates. Legal opacity reduces the detection of illicit flows and increases their volumes because it lowers trafficking costs. We...

Working Paper pdf
Phi Hong Su, Hameed Hakimi - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

In a 2017 UNU-WIDER project, ‘Forced migration and inequality’, one of us collaborated on a comparison of Afghan and Vietnamese refugee resettlement across four Western countries. In the light of the Taliban return to power in August 2021, we revisit the contributions of the Journal...

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– Evidence from multiple policy shifts in Chile
Sonia Bhalotra, Emilia Brito, Damian Clarke, Pilar Larroulet, Francisco J. Pino - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

We leverage staggered implementation of lockdown across Chile’s 346 municipalities, identifying dynamic impacts on domestic violence. Using administrative data, we find lockdown imposition increases indicators of distress related to domestic violence, while decreasing domestic violence...

Working Paper pdf
Merima Ali, Odd-Helge Fjeldstad - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper examines the legacy of pre-colonial centralization on tax compliance norms of citizens in contemporary Uganda. By combining geo-referenced anthropological data on pre-colonial ethnic homelands with survey data from several rounds of the Afrobarometer Survey, respondents from the...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Ecuadorian transaction data
Jakob Brounstein - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

This study leverages a unique data set on the universe of transactions exiting the Ecuadorian economy to estimate the tax-price elasticity of demand for tax-sheltering activities using offshore fiscal havens. I determine this elasticity quasi-experimentally by comparing the evolution in funds...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Indonesia
Ervin Dervisevic, Maria C. Lo Bue, Elizaveta Perova - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Is maternal employment beneficial or harmful for child development? Maternal employment generates income, which is needed to provide core inputs for children’s health and education. However, maternal employment comes at the cost of time spent with children, which is also a critical input...

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– Evidence from 34 African countries
Alessandro Belmonte, Vincenzo Bove, Jessica Di Salvatore - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

Do aid projects affect citizens’ motivation to pay taxes? We address this question by combining fine-grained data on aid projects from AidData and survey data from the Afrobarometer for 34 African countries. We first employ a subnational analysis, where the treatment varies by...

Working Paper pdf
Vincenzo Bove, Jessica Di Salvatore, Roberto Nisticò - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

We investigate the effect of economic sanctions on trade flows in countries sharing a border with the sanctioned state. On the one hand, trade models suggest that trade flows should decrease as sanctions disrupt trading routes and economic ties with suppliers and customers. On the other hand,...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from the Indian informal sector
Ira N. Gang, Rajesh Raj Natarajan, Kunal Sen, Myeong-Su Yun - UNU-WIDER, 2021 - Helsinki, Finland

We examine the patterns and correlates of the productivity gap between male-owned and female-owned firms for informal enterprises in India. Female-owned firms are on average 45 per cent less productive than male-owned firms, with the clearest productivity gaps observed at the lower end of the...

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