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Congo, Dem. Rep

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Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from host communities in Rwanda
Özge Bilgili, Sonja Fransen, Craig Loschmann, Melissa Siegel - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper studies to what extent and in what ways access to educational services and schooling outcomes of local children are influenced by the presence of a refugee camp in or around their community. Taking the case of Congolese refugees in Rwanda and relying on household survey data collected...

Working Paper pdf
Isaac Kalonda Kanyama - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

We analyse horizontal inequality in wealth and in years of education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the period 2001–13. We find that the trend in horizontal inequality is similar to the trend in vertical inequality over the period of analysis. In addition, horizontal...

Working Paper pdf
– A theoretical analysis using the principal–agent model
Didier Mumpambala Luzolo - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

African populations need better support through social protection mechanisms. Among those who need social security are millions of older people who, having worked all their lives in the formal sector, are in precarious situations with lower benefits. This study aims to appreciate theoretically,...

Working Paper pdf
– Conflict minerals and infant mortality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dominic P. Parker, Jeremy D. Foltz, David Elsea - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

Are victims of human rights abuses better off with or without economic sanctions targeted at their perpetrators? We study this question in the context of a US human rights policy, Section 1502 of the 2010 Dodd–Frank Act. By discouraging companies from sourcing ‘conflict minerals...

Book Chapter
– 2001-13
Kristi Mahrt, Malokele Nanivazo - Oxford University Press, 2016 - Oxford, United Kingdom
Working Paper pdf
Kristi Mahrt, Malokele Nanivazo - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

After years of economic decline, conflict, and instability, the Democratic Republic of Congo achieved rapid economic growth in the 2000s along with a reduction in rural consumption poverty. This paper evaluates the extent to which recent growth has been accompanied by improvements in...

Working Paper pdf
Malokele Nanivazo, Kristi Mahrt - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper sets out to investigate the wellbeing of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It undertakes spatial and temporal comparisons of women’s wellbeing using data from the Demographic and Health Survey and the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. Using the multidimensional...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– Child Wellbeing in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Malokele Nanivazo - Social Indicators Research, 2015 - Dordrecht, Netherlands

This paper performs a multidimensional first order dominance analysis of child wellbeing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This methodology allows the ordinal ranking of the 11 provinces of the DRC in terms of their wellbeing based upon the probability of their domination. This empirical...

Malokele Nanivazo - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

25 June 2014 Malokele Nanivazo After a long series of conflicts and apparent macroeconomic mismanagement, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) seems to be breaking from its thorny history. It is implementing a series of economic and political reforms aimed at improving its weak...

Tony Addison - UNU-WIDER, 2012 - Helsinki, Finland

Tony Addison With our temperatures now well above zero, we head for the official end of the Finnish winter on 1st May (the ‘Vappu’ holiday). As reported last month, the annual bird migration is well under way. Arriving too, are UNU-WIDER’s many visitors on our PhD internship...

Malokele Nanivazo - UNU-WIDER, 2012 - Helsinki, Finland

Malokele Nanivazo Sexual violence crime (SV) in wartime is not a new phenomenon. Mass rapes have occurred in armed conflicts in Rwanda, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, to give just a few examples. But the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has attracted very large...

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