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Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from the 2019 uprisings in Lebanon and Iraq
Chantal Berman, Killian Clarke, Rima Majed - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Scholarly logic holds that revolutionary movements are unlikely to break out in democracies, where citizens may simply remove unpopular leaders through elections. And yet the twenty-first century has witnessed a global series of uprisings against regimes that are nominally democratic—in...

Working Paper pdf
Daniel Silverman, Karl Kaltenthaler, Mujtaba Ali Isani - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

Why do people support—or refrain from supporting—nonviolent protests for political change? The literature offers different answers to this question, but one variable that has received little attention is fears of protest unleashing violent conflict. This is surprising given that...

Journal Article
– Comparative Lessons from Japan, Iraq, and Afghanistan
Jonathan Monten - The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2014

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States

Research Brief pdf
UNU -WIDER - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

Japan’s post-war liberalizing reforms were a success. This was partly due to the fact that US occupation preserved the strength of national institutions and made effective use of their capacity. Improvement in the scope of the state and the strength of Afghan...

Working Paper pdf
– a Review and Critique of Comparative Lessons
Jonathan Monten - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

Since 2001 international attention has focused on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and specifically on the question of whether external intervention can assist weak or fragile states in successfully making the transition to stable democracies. Despite their differences, Iraq and Afghanistan...

Book Chapter
– Iraq and Somalia
Ghassan Dibeh - , 2011

From the book: Fragile States

Journal Article
Sameeksha Desai - Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2011
Sameeksha Desai - UNU-WIDER, 2009 - Helsinki, Finland

Sameeksha Desai Across countries, entrepreneurship is shown to support wealth and income generation, job creation and innovations in product and process. The precise role of entrepreneurship in any specific country depends on the institutional context. Much of our understanding of institutions...

Wim Naudé, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Mark McGillivray - UNU-WIDER, 2009 - Helsinki, Finland

Wim Naudé, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino and Mark McGillivray The global economic crisis, which erupted about one year ago with the US sub-prime mortgage crisis and the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, painfully reminds us on how vulnerable developing countries can be to...

Book Chapter
– Conditions, Religious Networks and the Smuggling Process
Géraldine Chatelard - , 2005
Working Paper pdf
– Conditions, Religious Networks, and the Smuggling Process
Géraldine Chatelard - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper describes and analyses the case of Iraqis who, in the 1990s, have arrived in Jordan as forced migrants, and have continued to Western Europe or Australia as asylum migrants. The argument put forth is that trends of asylum migration cannot be fully understood without looking at a set of...

Book Chapter
– Economic Embargo and Predatory Rule
Abbas Alnasrawi - , 2000
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