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Working Paper pdf
– The Case of Hungary
Kalman Mizsei, Adam Török - UNU-WIDER, 1990 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
– Challenges and Constraints
Grzegorz W. Kolodko, Marian Ostrowski, Dariusz Rosati - UNU-WIDER, 1990 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
– The Common Experience of Reform in Socialist Countries
János Kornai - UNU-WIDER, 1990 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
– Opening Up and Stabilization
Andrei Vernikov - UNU-WIDER, 1989 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
Yuyan Zhang - UNU-WIDER, 1989 - Helsinki, Finland

Ever since 1978, China has been making more and more progress in her economic system reform and gaining popularity around the world. This paper gives a general picture of China's economic system reform: its background, problems, policies, achievements and prospects.The Stalinist model was...

Working Paper pdf
Grzegorz W. Kolodko - UNU-WIDER, 1989 - Helsinki, Finland

The mechanism and dynamics of the recent economic developments in Poland determine the mechanism and the implementation methods for adjustment programmes and stabilization policies. The syndrome of crisis phenomena in Poland is composed of three planes: systemic, structural and political. One must...

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