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Working Paper pdf
– Policies and Conditions for Export Diversification
Ennio Rodrigues - UNU-WIDER, 1998 - Helsinki, Finland

Over the last thirty-five years, Costa Rican exports (in dollars) have grown at an average annual growth rate of 10.8 per cent. In the context of an import substituting industrialization and subregional integration, exports grew at increasingly higher rates through the sixties and seventies; but...

Working Paper pdf
Ibrahim A. Elbadawi - UNU-WIDER, 1998 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper I estimate a non-traditional export performance equation for a panel of 60 developing countries. As an input to the export model, I also estimate a panel regression model of the real exchange rate (RER) for the same countries. The RER estimation allows derivation of indexes of...

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons from the Asian Tigers
Sanjaya Lall - UNU-WIDER, 1997 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper considers the rationale for and limitations to selective export promotion policies in developing countries, with a focus on manufactured exports. It draws upon the experience of the most successful exporters in the developing world - the 'Asian Tigers' and 'new Tigers' -...

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