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Working Paper pdf
Helmut Reisen - UNU-WIDER, 1997 - Helsinki, Finland

The abundance of private capital flows confronts many emerging-market authorities with a transfer problem. They must decide whether to accept or resist the net capital inflow, or how much to accept and how much to resist. This paper aims at assisting that decision by focusing on the rationale, the...

Working Paper pdf
Stephany Griffith-Jones - UNU-WIDER, 1997 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper analyses in depth the causes of the Mexican peso crisis, so as to learn relevant lessons for similar crisis occurring in other developing or transitional economies. The study follows a relatively chronological order, examining first the apparently golden period, when Mexico was acclaimed...

Working Paper pdf
Manuel F. Montes - UNU-WIDER, 1996 - Helsinki, Finland

The emergence of a select group of developing countries as destinations for private portfolio investment in the 1990s (and the subsequent peso crisis in Mexico in 1994) has rekindled the old issues about the responsibilities and capacities public authorities have with regard to managing the...

Working Paper pdf
– Are There Any Lessons?
Carmen M. Reinhart, Steven Dunaway - UNU-WIDER, 1996 - Helsinki, Finland

We have now witnessed more than half a decade of relatively heavy capital inflows to a large group of highly heterogeneous developing countries and economies in transition in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, and parts of Africa and the Middle East—in effect, we...

Working Paper pdf
Anwar Nasution - UNU-WIDER, 1996 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper discusses the process, problems and impacts of the financial sector reform in Indonesia, particularly since the late 1980s. The reform has encouraged a surge in private sector capital inflows to supplement the already high domestic savings for financial investment and consumption...

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