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Working Paper pdf
– Initial welfare Consequences of Price Liberalization in Eastern Europe
Bryan Roberts - UNU-WIDER, 1993 - Helsinki, Finland

A one-good, representative consumer model of the pre-reform consumer sector of transition economies is developed. An equation is derived that permits empirical estimation of the welfare effect of price liberalization. Empirical estimates are calculated for Poland and Russia. These estimates...

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons from China
Gang Fan, Wing Thye Woo - UNU-WIDER, 1993 - Helsinki, Finland

Using a survey of 300 state-owned enterprises (SOEs), we argue that the acceleration of inflation in China after 1984 was caused by the decentralization reforms in the state sector. These reforms allowed the SOEs to realize their innate tendencies to over-consume and over-invest...

Working Paper pdf
– Early Stages of the West German Wirtschaftswunder
Ardo H. Hansson - UNU-WIDER, 1991 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
– The Case of Poland
Jeffrey D. Sachs - UNU-WIDER, 1991 - Helsinki, Finland

Working Paper pdf
– How, Why and for Whom?
Simon Johnson - UNU-WIDER, 1991 - Helsinki, Finland

Many Soviet state enterprises are changing their legal form. Permissive but imprecise legislation, policy paralysis at all levels of government, the breakdown of the state supply system, and continued excess demand, have allowed managers of state firms to initiate "spontaneous privatization...

Working Paper pdf
Simon Johnson, Bakhtior Islamov - UNU-WIDER, 1991 - Helsinki, Finland

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