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Working Paper pdf
Harriet Matejka, Mihaly Simai - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

The six studies, selected from those contributed to the research project entitled The Integration of the New Market Economies of Europe and Asia into the World Economy: the Changing Internal and External Factors and Global Implications, open with Miluily Simai's introductory survey. After...

Working Paper pdf
– A Comparative View
Andras Blaho - UNU-WIDER, 1994 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper compares the Russian transition with the Chinese reforms. The concept and implications of 'transition' differ from those of 'reform'. Transition in its systemic understanding is considered as a change of the system, a shift to a new one. Reform, on the other hand, is a...

Working Paper pdf
Ruben N. Yevstigneyev, Arkady M. Voinov - UNU-WIDER, 1994 - Helsinki, Finland

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