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Working Paper pdf
Kavita Sethuraman - UNU-WIDER, 2008 - Helsinki, Finland

Moderate undernutrition continues to affect 46 per cent of children under 5 years of age and 47 per cent of rural women in India. Women’s lack of empowerment is believed to be an important factor in the persistent prevalence of undernutrition. In India, women’s empowerment often varies...

Working Paper pdf
– A Consideration of Evidence from Southern Africa
A.J.E. Charman - UNU-WIDER, 2008 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper considers the impact of livelihoods oriented agricultural service provision for smallholder farmers on gender relationships and food security. The paper contents that the democratization and liberalization of agricultural services towards participatory, bottom-up approaches, from the...

Working Paper pdf
– A Gender Perspective
Gautam Hazarika, Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Using data from the 1995 Malawi Financial Markets and Food Security Survey, this study seeks to discover if women’s relative control over household resources or intra-household bargaining power in rural Malawi, gauged by their access to microcredit, plays a role in children’s food...

Working Paper pdf
Daniel Gbetnkom - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper addresses the economic impact of forest management on gender and food security of rural poor in Africa. The analyses reveal that deforestation places major demands on women and children’s time, limiting their opportunities to obtain an education or undertake income-generating...

Working Paper pdf
Milla Nyyssölä - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper uses data from the Nepal Living Standards Survey 2 (2003/2004) to find evidence to whether children are less likely to work and more likely to attend school in a household where the mother has a say in the intra-family decision-making, than in one where the father holds all the power....

Working Paper pdf
Milla Nyyssölä - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper focuses on gender aspects upon children’s food security. Using data from the 1995/1996 Nepal Living Standards Survey, this study attempts to find evidence to whether children are heavier for their age, taller for their age or heavier for their height in families where mother...

Working Paper pdf
– Its Determinants and Implications for Gender Resource Allocation
Mohammad Mokammel Karim Toufique, Mohammad A. Razzaque - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Using data from a survey of Bangladeshi households, this paper explores the determinants of domestic violence against women as well as its implications for the resources allocated to women. The findings reveal that higher education of women and that of their husbands, and better socioeconomic...

Working Paper pdf
Mohammad A. Razzaque, Mohammad Mokammel Karim Toufique - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Using data from a survey of Bangladeshi households, this paper investigates the link between female status and food security. Employing three different indicators of female status – husband’s and wife’s assets brought at marriage, female share of household income and a composite...

Working Paper pdf
Subha Mani - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Nutritional status at a young age is positively associated with an individual’s total human capital accumulated. Higher levels of human capital are in turn strongly correlated with an individual’s economic and social well-being. Health is one such dimension of human capital and...

Working Paper pdf
Vasco Molini, Maarten Nubé - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

While the nutritional status of individuals became in recent years a central issue in development economics, relevant and reliable data are often scarce. Available living standard surveys provide a wide set of information about household food consumption and calorie intake. Yet, due to the focus on...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Zimbabwe
Craig Gundersen, Oluyemisi Kuku, Thomas Kelly - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Using data from a 2004 household-based survey of children, we examine differences between boys and girls in self reports of food insecurity in Zimbabwe. Previous studies have taken only the views of the household head into consideration in categorizing the food insecurity status of the household....

Working Paper pdf
Julliet Wanjiku, John Uhuru Manyengo, Willis Oluoch-Kosura, Joseph T. Karugia - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

Using multinomial logit we analyze factors that influence the choice of mechanization technologies in Nyanza Province. The results show that farmers are aware of the attributes of the mechanization technologies, and that animal traction is the most commonly used. Gender, formal and informal...

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