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Andrés Solimano - Oxford University Press, 2008 - Oxford, UK
– An Overview of Selected Issues
Andrés Solimano - Oxford University Press, 2008 - Oxford, UK
– Types, Causes, and Development Impact
Andrés Solimano - Oxford University Press, 2008 - Oxford, UK

Entrepreneurs, technical experts, professionals, international students, writers, and artists are among the most highly mobile people in the global economy today. These talented elite often originate from developing countries and migrate to industrial economies. Many return home with new ideas,...

Working Paper pdf
– Open Migration Chains and Diaspora Networks
Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Charles F. Sabel - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper views migration of skills from a perspective of new industrial policy. It introduces two types of search networks: open migration chains and diaspora networks. Migration chains are sequences of educational or job opportunities which allows a migrant to move to progressively complex...

Working Paper pdf
– Trends and Development Implications
Anthony P. D’Costa - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper charts the complex dynamics of the movement of technical talent in the world economy and assesses broadly the impact of such mobility on both sending and receiving countries. Based on secondary data and primary information from the Indian and Japanese IT industry, the study presents a...

Working Paper pdf
AnnaLee Saxenian - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

By 2000, over one-third of Silicon Valley’s high-skilled workers were foreign-born, and overwhelmingly from Asia. These US-educated engineers are transforming developmental opportunities for formerly peripheral regions as they build professional and business connections to their home...

Policy Brief pdf
Andrés Solimano - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Talent (combining creativity, education, skills, and knowledge) is associated with human capital and provides a very valuable economic resource. In the past, the emigration of human capital from developing countries raised fears because of the associated 'brain drain'. This is still a...

Working Paper pdf
– Professional Mobility and Power Distribution
Jean-Marc Coicaud - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The role of international organizations grows with the acceleration of globalization and the increasing importance of global governance. However, thus far, only limited and rather narrow research has been generated on the subject. It is a state of affairs that reflects on international studies, as...

Working Paper pdf
Tony Addison - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Artists, musicians and writers have always been great travellers. Today, their talent circulates in new ways, and takes new forms, as the creative industries expand globally in a marriage of media technology and the traditional arts. The growing international market for cultural talent can do much...

Working Paper pdf
Andrés Solimano - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Human talent is a key economic resource and a source of creative power in science, technology, business, arts and culture and other activities. Talent has a large economic value and its mobility has increased with globalization, the spread of new information technologies and lower transportation...

Working Paper pdf
– Policy Options for Turning a Drain into a Gain
Kristian Thorn, Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

High demand for researchers and scientists has led to an increase in skilled migration in recent years. The paper focuses on improving our understanding of the push and pull factors affecting the migration decisions of researchers and scientists from developing countries and discusses policy...

Working Paper pdf
– Brain Drain or Brain Exchange?
Stephen Bach - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The consequences of health professional mobility have become a prominent public policy concern. This paper considers trends in mobility amongst doctors and nurses and the consequences for health systems. Policy responses are shifting from a reactive agenda that focuses on stemming migration towards...

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