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Working Paper pdf
– Recent Evidence and Trends
Duangkamon Chotikapanich, D. S. Prasada Rao, William E. Griffiths, Vicar Valencia - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the nature and extent of global and regional income distribution and inequality using the most recent country level data on income distribution drawn from World Bank and UNU-WIDER studies for the period 1993-2000. The methodology used is a recently developed technique to fit...

Working Paper pdf
Markus Jäntti, Juho Saari, Juhana Vartiainen - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper reviews Finnish economic history during the 'long' twentieth century with a special emphasis on policies for equity and growth. We argue that Finland developed from a poor, vulnerable, and conflict-prone country to a modern economy in part through policies geared at both growth...

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons from Brazil
Jorge Saba Arbache - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

In the last twenty years, Brazil has undergone several attempts of improving sustainable growth through stabilization programmes, and more recently, structural reforms in line with the Washington Consensus Agenda. The results, however, have been disappointing, as the per capita output growth has...

Working Paper pdf
– A Spurious Controversy?
Bart Capéau, Andre Decoster - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

In the age of globalization, the question whether inequality in the world rose or fell down, is a hot topic. Leading scholars in the field of economic inequality measurement developed methods to estimate empirically the distribution of welfare (income) amongst world citizens. Despite their similar...

Rolph van der Hoeven, Anthony F. Shorrocks - UNU Press, 2003 - Tokyo, Japan

The relationship between growth and poverty lies at the heart of development economics. While many see aggregate growth as both necessary and sufficient for reducing poverty, and consequently focus their efforts on achieving the desired macroeconomic outcomes, others stress that the benefits from...

Working Paper pdf
Almas Heshmati - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper we present two composite indices of globalization. The first is based on the Kearney/Foreign Policy magazine and the second is obtained from principal component analysis. They indicate which countries have become most globalized and show how globalization has developed over time. The...

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