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– Concept and Measurement
Mark McGillivray - Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 - Basingstoke, UK

Human well-being is a core global issue. Achieving and sustaining higher levels of well-being is challenge for individual citizens, governments and international organisations world-wide. Measures of human well-being levels are an integral part of this process, being used increasingly to monitor...

Policy Brief pdf
David Clark, Mark McGillivray - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

This Policy Brief is an outcome of the UNU-WIDER research project 'Social Development Indicators'. The overall aim of the project was to provide insights into how human well-being might be better conceptualized and, in particular, measured, by reviewing various concepts and measures and...

Mark McGillivray - Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 2006 - Abindon, Oxon, UK

Summary measures of human well-being are increasingly used to compare and monitor performance within and across countries. The UNDP's Human Development Index (HDI) is one of a number of measures which have done much to refocus attention on the importance of non-monetary measures of human...

Working Paper pdf
Matthew Clarke - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

Determining whether well-being has improved is an important multidisciplinary task. It is important therefore to develop a multidimensional measure of well-being that reflects a wide spectrum of human needs. A new approach is presented in this paper based on multidimensional hierarchical human...

Working Paper pdf
– Past, Present, and Future
Mark McGillivray, Farhad Noorbakhsh - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper surveys the various composite well-being indices that have been inter-country assessments over the last 40 or so years, including the well known Human Development Index (HDI). A number of issues are considered, including the choice of components, component weights, scale equivalence, non...

Working Paper pdf
Sarah White, Jethro Pettit - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper considers the use of participatory methods in international development research, and asks what contribution these can make to the definition and measurement of well-being. It draws on general lessons arising from the project level, two larger-scale policy research processes sponsored by...

Working Paper pdf
Susan Harkness - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

A plethora of what are loosely described as social and political indicators of well-being exist. Both the range and country coverage of these indicators has increased appreciably in recent years. In this paper we ask what contribution these indicators can make towards our understanding of human...

Working Paper pdf
Sreenivasan Subramanian - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This essay aims at a broad, main-stream account of the literature on inequality and poverty measurement in the space of income and, additionally, deals with measures of disparity and deprivation in the more expanded domain of capabilities and functionings. In addition to an introductory and a...

Working Paper pdf
Ruut Veenhoven - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper deals with three questions: (1) What are ‘subjective’ measures? (2) What is ‘well-being’? and (3) Are subjective measures of well-being of use for policymaking, in particular in developing nations? The first question is answered by making a distinction between two...

Working Paper pdf
– Concepts and Conceptualizations
Des Gasper - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

Economic measures of income have ignored large areas of human well-being and are poor measures of well-being in the areas to which they attend. Despite increased recognition of those distortions, ‘GNP per capita continues to be regarded as the quintessential indicator of a country’s...

Working Paper pdf
Steve Dowrick - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

International comparisons of average national incomes omit important information about leisure, home production, health, etc. They are also bedevilled by index number problems. This paper suggests ways of combining working hours and life-expectancy with income comparisons, and shows that the fixed-...

Working Paper pdf
Eric Neumayer - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper provides a review and critical discussion of indicators, which attempt to combine the measurement of sustainability with that of well-being. It starts with some commonly agreed definitions of sustainability, showing how most well-being indicators tell us little if anything at all about...

Working Paper pdf
Stephan Klasen - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper discusses the rationale as well as the challenges involved when constructing gender-related indicators of well-being. It argues that such indicators are critically important but that their construction involves a number of conceptual and measurement problems. Among the conceptual...

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