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Working Paper pdf
– The British IT Consulting Industry as a Contemporary Specimen
Kenneth L. Simons - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The Internet is often anticipated to have disruptive competitive impacts, causing upstart firms to overthrow incumbent market leaders. This paper uses the UK IT consulting industry as a test case to see whether such competitive impacts of the Internet might already be occurring....

Working Paper pdf
– Technology, Policy, People, and Strategies
Derrick L. Cogburn, Catherine Nyaki Adeya - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This study explores the on-going development of a global digital economy through a case-study analysis of its impact on and prospects in South Africa. It argues that four factors are key to understanding the impact of the digital economy on a developing country: (i) the level of technology,...

Working Paper pdf
Qingxuan Meng, Mingzhi Li - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The rapid development and diffusion of the information and communications technology (ICT) is the major driving force of the New Economy. While there is ample evidence to suggest that the ICT industry has contributed a great deal to the overall economic growth of the developed...

Working Paper pdf
Rune Stenbacka - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The core industries of the new information economy are characterized by imperfect competition, asymmetric information or external effects. Thus, well-designed microeconomic policies, in the form of competition policies, technology policies or combinations of these, have strong...

Working Paper pdf
Ashish Arora, Suma Athreye - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper assesses the contribution of software to India's economic development, paying particular attention to the role of software in the absorption of labour and the development of human capital in the economy. India's specialization in software has been driven by two sorts of wage...

Working Paper pdf
Sampsa Kiiski, Matti Pohjola - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the factors which determine the diffusion of the Internet across countries. The Gompertz model of technology diffusion is estimated using data on Internet hosts per capita for the years 1995-2000. For a sample of the 0ECD countries, the basic finding is that GDP per capita...

Working Paper pdf
– Digital Dividends or Digital Divide?
Poh-Kam Wong - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the empirical evidence to determine whether Asian countries, despite having captured a disproportionately high share of global production of ICT goods, have as a group been laggard in the adoption of ICT in comparison to non-Asian countries. Using regression analysis, it is...

Working Paper pdf
– the Great Central Banana and the Small Nordic Potato
Heli Koski, Petri Rouvinen, Pekka Ylä-Anttila - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

We analyse the clustering of European ICT activities. Our focus is primarily on the ICT manufacturing industries in the EU countries. We find a clear and intensifying concentration tendency of ICT-related production and R&D. As a rule, originally specialized countries have become more so. In...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Advanced Economies
Jukka Jalava, Matti Pohjola - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

By definition, the 'New Economy' is an economy where business firms have learnt to take advantage of both the ICT revolution and the globalization of business activities in ways which improve productivity. First, by surveying recent research findings, this paper confirms that both the...

Working Paper pdf
– Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance
Colin Mayer - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the financial sector preconditions for the successful development of a high technology sector. It argues that there is a close relation between types of activities undertaken in different countries and their institutional structures. A distinguishing characteristic of the...

Working Paper pdf
Edward N. Wolff - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

Inequality in the distribution of family income, which had remained virtually unchanged since the end of World War II until 1968, has increased sharply since then. Inequality in household wealth has increased even more dramatically, with the share of the top one per cent doubling since 1976....

Working Paper pdf
– Geographic Concentration and Convergence of Internet Industries in the US
Jed Kolko - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the effect of information technology on industrial patterns of concentration and convergence. Information-technology intensive industries exhibit slower employment convergence than other industries. The regression estimates suggest that the highest-IT industries exhibit...

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