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Vladimir Mikhalev - Palgrave Macmillan, 2003 - Basingstoke, UK

Social structures undergo transformation with the transition to a market economy. This collection examines the role of inequality in the formation of economic elites and middle classes, as well as in the rise of poverty in transitional societies. Based on comparative analysis of social...

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Vladimir Mikhalev - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The transition to a market economy in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) has been associated with greater inequality and social stratification. Living standards have fallen for the majority of people, unemployment and poverty are high, the distribution of assets and earnings has...

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– The Case of Kyrgyzstan 1993-97
Georges Heinrich - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The transition from plan to market has fundamentally transformed the social structure in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. The small Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan exemplifies these changes.Using data from nationally representative living standards measurement surveys in...

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Jiri Vecernik - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

Statistical and sociological evidence is gathered to display changes in social structure of the Czech society before and after 1989, with a special focus on economic inequalities. In the first part, frozen landscape of the communist regime is observed. Behind the facade of forced social homogeneity...

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– A Case Study of Social Stratification
Vladimir Mikhalev, Georges Heinrich - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorer countries undergoing transition from a centrally planned to a market economy. Unlike its neighbour Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan followed a rather radical reform strategy, introduced liberal macroeconomic reforms and large-scale privatization. Having laid major foundations...

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Terry McKinley, Mark D. Brenner - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper finds that a new system of social stratification is emerging in rural China in the wake of economic reforms, one that is far less equal than what preceded it. As part of this trend, wealth inequality has increased markedly in a short period of time. A relatively equal distribution of land...

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