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Charles Wyplosz - Oxford University Press, 2001 - Oxford, UK

Much has been written about EMU, mostly concerning its desirability and whether it will ever come to exist. Now it is here, and likely to stay. The 'next generation' of research on EMU is already under way, and this volume presents a significant sample of that research. The authors explore...

Working Paper pdf
Benjamin J. Cohen - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The purpose of this paper is to explore economic and political implications of Europe's Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) for developing countries. In strictly economic terms, influences will be communicated through both trade and financial channels. Economies in the developing world will be...

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– Retrospect and Prospect
Barry Eichengreen, Donald J. Mathieson - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The management of international reserves remains one of the understudied aspects of the international monetary system. There are now a number of reasons why this should change. On the supply side of the market there is the advent of the euro, creating a full-fledged rival to the dollar for the...

Working Paper pdf
Harry Flam, Per Jansson - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The partial effect of nominal exchange rate volatility on exports from each EMU member to the rest of the EMU is estimated on annual data for 1967-97, using modern time-series methods. The long-run relations between exchange rate volatility and exports are mostly negative and in several cases...

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– Commitment, institutional Capacity and the Monetary-Fiscal Mix
David Begg - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

An interesting theory of transition must give a convincing account of structural adjustment and supply side improvement. In this paper, I discuss the incentives for government to undertake costly supply side improvement and how these relate to incentives governing the design of monetary and fiscal...

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John T. Cuddington, Hong Liang - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The emergence of the euro as a key currency, perhaps eventually rivalling the US dollar in importance, may have important macroeconomic implications for industrial as well as developing economies in the years ahead. This paper focuses on two related questions. First, what effects, if any, will the...

Working Paper pdf
Patrick Honohan, Philip R. Lane - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

We analyse the prospects for greater monetary integration in Africa, in the wake of EMU. We argue that the structural characteristics of African economies are quite different to the EMU members but that much can be gained from monetary cooperation, as an external agency of restraint and in...

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