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Robert J. McIntyre, Bruno Dallago - Palgrave Macmillan, 2003 - Basingstoke, UK

Research by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research shows that the small enterprise sector by itself will not create successful economic growth. Without supporting local-level institutions, a surrounding context of successful large enterprises and...

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– Growth and Entrepreneurship
Robert J. McIntyre - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

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Aleksander Surdej - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper analyses the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector in Poland, seeking to answer the question of whether SME development along current lines is sufficient to assure the sustainable development of the Polish economy. Of the many aspects traditionally ascribed to the SME sector, the most...

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– NEP, NEM and TVE
Robert J. McIntyre - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

This Working Paper discusses mixed systems in which SMEs functioned successfully in the presence of extensive state ownership of large enterprises and even classical central planning. Past and present examples are considered in which a small enterprise system worked around, with, and in the...

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– Policy Implications for the Small- and Medium-Size Enterprise Sector
Richard Scase - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper, the role of small and medium size enterprises in the economic transformation of the countries of Central Europe is assessed. It argues that although these fulfil an important role, they are less significant as agents of macroeconomic transformation than the re-structuring of large-...

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– The Case of Hungary with Russian Implications
Bruno Dallago - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper analyses the Hungarian experience with SMEs development by highlighting the factors and policies that explain the sector features and dynamics and utilizes this experience to suggest an interpretation of the striking differences with Russian SMEs. The case of Hungary is particularly...

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Laixiang Sun, Edward X. Gu, Robert J. McIntyre - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

Since 1992 a series of radical and successful reforms of their ownership and governance structures have been conducted by China's small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Innovative arrangements such as 'joint-stock co-operatives', 'joint-stock partnerships', 'grafted joint...

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Enrico C. Perotti, Laixiang Sun, Liang Zou - UNU-WIDER, 1998 - Helsinki, Finland

This study presents an up-to-date survey of the comparison issue between state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and township and village enterprises (TVEs) in China. Although TVEs are disadvantaged in areas such as technology, labour skills, education levels of staff, access to bank loans and government...

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– Old Myths, Hard Facts and New Strategies in the Successful Transformation of the Polish Economy
Grzegorz W. Kolodko, D. Mario Nuti - UNU-WIDER, 1997 - Helsinki, Finland

In 1994-97 Poland has recorded an outstanding economic performance in terms of GDP growth, simultaneous reduction of inflation and unemployment, fiscal balance, zloty real revaluation, capacity restructuring, private sector growth and institution building. The Polish success needed a market...

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