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Channing Arndt, Finn Tarp - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Development aid by itself cannot ‘save the planet’. Yet, development aid and institutions have the potential to remain important catalytic actors in achieving developmental and global environmental objectives. Developing countries must be crucial players in successful climate change...

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Channing Arndt - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

The distinction between development assistance and climate finance is driven by an optic of compensation largely derived from the ‘polluter pays’ principle. For practical as well as conceptual reasons, this principle provides a weak basis for climate finance. The distinction also cuts...

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Jingjing He, Yongfu Huang, Finn Tarp - Greenhouse Gases : Science and Technology, 2014 - Oxford, UK

The UNFCCC COP 17 Durban conference confirmed the need to reach an all-party-inclusive global climate agreement by 2015 as the successor of the Kyoto Protocol. Although this Durban ‘road map’ is promising, the international negotiation process for reaching such a deal is bound to be...

Jingjing He, Yongfu Huang, Finn Tarp - Natural Resources Forum, 2014 - Oxford, UK

One of the dual objectives of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol is to assist host countries in achieving sustainable development. With various CDM indicators for 58 CDM host countries over the period 2005-2010, this paper empirically assesses whether CDM project...

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Alda Tomo, Nícia Givá - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

Mozambique benefits from environmental aid-related funds, but it is still unclear whether donor commitments render directly into projects that are copiously implemented for the purposes stated and what aid flows have actually been doing and are doing in the area of aid and environment in Mozambique...

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– The Case of Tanzania
Godius Kahyarara - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper provides an assessment of what aid has actually been doing in the area of environment in Tanzania through a critical review of the flows, modalities and management of aid. Focusing on the funding for environmental degradation projects, the study notes that budget expenditure allocation...

Position Paper pdf
UNU-WIDER - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

This position paper on Aid, Environment, and Climate Change, prepared under the UNU-WIDER ReCom programme of Research (Re) and Communication (Com) on foreign aid, is intended to improve the understanding of the role foreign aid has played and can help play in local and global environmental issues...

Working Paper pdf
– A Synthesis of Eight Case Studies
Edwin Muchapondwa - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

This study seeks to understand what aid flows have been doing to the environment in eight countries in Eastern, Western and Southern Africa. Total aid to these countries’ environmental sectors for the 2000s decade is about US$10.17 billion and bilateral aid has been on the rise. There seems...

Working Paper pdf
– Field Evidence from South Africa and Uganda
Edwin Muchapondwa, Daniel Nielson, Bradley Parks, Austin M. Strange, Michael J. Tierney - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

A new methodology, Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows (TUFF), allows us to systematically gather open-source information—e.g. news reports, case studies, project inventories from embassy websites, and grant and loan data published by recipient governments—about Chinese development...

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– The Case of Botswana
James S. Juana - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

Botswana has serious environmental problems which, if not addressed, will undermine the attainment of sustainable economic development. This study attempts to determine what aid flows have actually been doing with regard to the environment in Botswana. The results show that although both the...

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– The Case of Senegal
Tidiane Ngaido - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper reviews the dynamics of the financing based its analysis on the rich dataset of AidData ranging over 1993-2010, with around 9,077 observations on projects funded in Senegal by various multilateral as well as bilateral donors. The study started in the same year as the establishment of the...

Working Paper pdf
Yiriyibin Bambio - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

The main objective of the paper is to determine the actual aid flows that have an environmental focus in Burkina Faso. The environment literature highlights important environment issues in air, land and water, including deforestation, desertification, irreversible negative effects on biodiversity,...

Working Paper pdf
– General Lessons and Bilateral Agreements of Norway
Arild Angelsen - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

REDD+, when it officially became part of the international climate agenda in 2007, was an idea about payment to countries and projects for reducing emission from forests, with funding primarily from carbon markets. REDD+ has since become multi-objective; the policy focus has changed from payments...

Working Paper pdf
– the Case of Kenya
Wilfred Nyangena - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

We investigate allocations of foreign aid by donors to the environment sector in Kenya covering the period 2001-12. Our data are largely obtained from official government and global aid databases complemented with donor interviews. We find that donor funding remained significant with emphasis on...

Working Paper pdf
– How Past Environmental Aid Allocation Impacts Future Climate Aid
Christopher Marcoux, Bradley C. Parks, Christian M. Peratsakis, J. Timmons Roberts, Michael J. Tierney - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper we update previous work that categorizes foreign aid projects in terms of their likely impact on the natural environment. We then document trends in the global distribution of environmental aid over time and show that environmental aid has increasingly focused on global...

Working Paper pdf
Daniel Kwaben Twerefou - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper we discuss aid and the environment in Ghana. Our analysis indicates that expenditure by the government of Ghana has increased consistently since 2000, with seven sectors weakly linked to the environment taking about 78.9 per cent of all government expenditure. Also, the rate of...

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