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Working Paper pdf
– Insights from development studies
Albert Sanghoon Park - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores how the concept of resilience has been used in development studies. Set amidst the rise of resilience in sustainable development, it offers insights for scholars and policy-makers, alike. Sampling 419 resilience-oriented journal articles from 2017–22, it uses Kuhnian...

Working Paper pdf
Giulia Barletta, Ines A. Ferreira, Vincenzo Salvucci - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Different concepts of inequality lead to different positions in discussions about whether economic growth leads to increasing inequality. This study investigates how over 1,100 young adults in Mozambique perceive inequality and whether their perceptions are based on relative or absolute terms...

Working Paper pdf
Patrick Mabuza, Francis H. Kemeze, Oluwatoba J. Omotilewa, Mamadou Bah, Btissam Benkerroum - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Development finance institutions (DFIs) foster sustainable development through financing, advisory services, and technical assistance. They complement public investments in developing and underserved markets to unlock development opportunities and deliver development results. Whereas DFIs...

Working Paper pdf
– Investigating the effectiveness of COVID-19 aid in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hany Besada, Lukmon Akintola - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Drawing from a growing body of literature on development aid in fragile contexts, this paper investigates the effectiveness of COVID-19 aid in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The paper uses the OECD’s Principles for Good International Engagement in Fragile States and...

Working Paper pdf
– A controlled comparison of Rwanda and Burundi
Omar Shahabudin McDoom - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

I examine whether and how the means through which a civil war ends affects the success of a country’s state-building strategy after conflict. I show that two distinct modes of conflict termination—military victories and negotiated settlements—lead to differential long-run...

Working Paper pdf
– Perspectives of Southern recipients
Debapriya Bhattacharya, Towfiqul Islam Khan, Najeeba Mohammed Altaf - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

‘Country ownership’ continues to grow more as an idealized requirement than an operational concept for effective development co-operation. Provider countries often shy away from taking onboard recipient countries’ development priorities, public financial management and...

Working Paper pdf
Anna Choi, Arnab K. Basu, Nancy H. Chau, T.V. Sekher - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper studies the education gradient associated with health reporting errors for two highly prevalent non-communicable diseases among older adults in India. We leverage a novel data set—the Longitudinal Aging Study in India (2017–18) panel survey—to unpack the sources of...

Working Paper pdf
Cyrus Samii - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Community-driven reconstruction (CDR) is an approach to post-war reconstruction that gives discretion to local community councils in establishing priorities and overseeing the implementation of reconstruction and development activities. A series of methodologically exceptional studies has...

Working Paper pdf
– A bottom-up approach based on audit assessments
Kwabena Adu-Ababio, Aliisa Koivisto, Eliya Lungu, Evaristo Mwale, Jonathan Msoni, Kangwa Musole - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Assessing tax gaps—the difference between the potential and actual taxes raised—plays a vital role in achieving positive domestic revenue objectives through improved and reformed taxation. This is particularly pertinent for growth outcomes in developing countries. This study uses a...

Working Paper pdf
– Insights from wildfires across the globe
Jayash Paudel - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Natural disasters cause economic damages and may exacerbate disparities in income distribution among countries across the globe. This paper employs satellite data on real-time active fire locations to evaluate the short-term impact of forest fires on economic inequality around the world. Using...

Working Paper pdf
Raquel Fernández - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This review paper focuses on the literature that studies the interactions between the family and culture. It does not attempt to be comprehensive, but instead illustrates via some representative papers the interaction between the family, its cultural beliefs and practices, and economic outcomes...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Italy
Giacomo Lemoli, Gloria Gennaro - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Under what conditions can legacies of past violence shape political behaviour? We propose a theory of how war victimization defines attitudes over the long run, and how these can be activated by changes in the political environment. We argue that exposure to violence by members of a different...

Working Paper pdf
Kwabena Adu-Ababio, Aliisa Koivisto, Andreya Kumwenda, Gregory Chileshe, John Mulenga, Mutemwa Mebelo, Ian Mufana, Yenda Shamabobo - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Improving tax collection is essential if developing economies are to avoid over-reliance on external donor funds and loans. Revenue authorities in the Global South have recently adopted new policy tools to improve domestic revenue mobilization through taxes. One such new policy is a...

Working Paper pdf
Emily Dunlop, Yasmine Bekkouche, Philip Verwimp - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

In this study, we investigate the relationship between education reform, institutional legacies of inequality, and changing political institutions in a poor, conflict-affected country. Burundi experienced a dramatic change in ethnic power relations after the 1993–2005 civil war. The post...

Working Paper pdf
Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi, Roberto Nisticò - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines how trade sanctions affect the allocation of workers across formal and informal employment. We analyse the case of the unexpected and unprecedented trade sanctions imposed on Iran in 2012.  We use a difference-in-differences approach and compare the probability of...

Working Paper pdf
Kristin M. Bakke, Kit Rickard - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores the legacies of wartime rebel governance and counterinsurgency tactics. Insurgents rely on civilian support for resources, information, and cover. To defeat insurgents, the state attempts to extract information from communities where support for insurgents is highest. We argue...

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