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Working Paper pdf
– The Global Methane Pledge—opportunities and risks
Etienne Romsom, Kathryn McPhail - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

The global energy transition is happening, but too slowly to limit climate change to acceptable levels, for diverse reasons. Carbon emissions policies and measures focus too little on absolute emission targets and too much on relative measures such as carbon intensity. Focus is needed on early...

Working Paper pdf
– Describing and explaining armed groups’ response to the pandemic in the Middle East
Marta Furlan - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

As COVID-19 spread worldwide, armed groups in control of territory were called to address the health emergency. However, our knowledge in this regard is limited. Specifically, it remains poorly understood why different armed groups responded to the crisis differently. Recognizing this lacuna,...

Working Paper pdf
Idrissa Ouedraogo, Issa Dianda, Pegdwende Patrik Ouedraogo, Rodrigue Tiraogo Ouedraogo, Bassirou Konfe - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the effects of taxation on income inequality in an unbalanced panel of 45 countries in sub-Saharan Africa over the period 1980–2018. We use instrumental-variable two-stage least squares and instrumental-variable quantile regression estimates. We find that taxation...

Working Paper pdf
– Lab-in-the-field evidence from rural Côte d’Ivoire
Arnab K. Basu, Ralitza Dimova, Monnet Gbakou, Romane Viennet - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

We analyse the effect of parental risk preferences and a novel measure of maternal bargaining power over educational expenses—elicited via lab-in-the-field experiments in rural Côte d’Ivoire—on the educational progression of boys and girls. Data from 135 couples and...

Working Paper pdf
– Exploring scalability through targeted versus universalist approaches
Annalena Oppel - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

With the expansion of social protection measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, considerations both old and new have surfaced regarding targeted versus universalist approaches. This study focuses on how social protection coverage before the pandemic influences the extent of targeted versus...

Working Paper pdf
Vincenzo Bove, Jessica Di Salvatore, Leandro Elia, Roberto Nisticò - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

Armed conflict can shape reproductive behaviour as high child mortality and a lack of health services lead to higher fertility rates. Yet women often postpone childbearing in expectation of better times. Given the theoretical ambiguity, the extant empirical evidence is often inconclusive. As a...

Working Paper pdf
David Rodríguez, H. Xavier Jara, Mariana Dondo, Cristina Arancibia, David Macas, Rebeca Riella, Joana Urraburu, Linda Llamas, Luis Huesca, Javier Torres, Rodrigo Chang - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected household incomes around the world. In developed economies, pre-pandemic tax–benefit policies and emergency transfers mitigated to a large extent the negative income shock. However, less is known about the effect of government intervention on...

Working Paper pdf
– Individual impacts of the Employment Tax Incentive
Amina Ebrahim, Jukka Pirttilä - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper uses survey and tax administrative data to analyse the effects of a sizeable employer-borne payroll tax credit for young, low-wage workers in South Africa. We find limited impact of the wage subsidy on employment of young, low-wage workers relative to two comparison groups: slightly...

Working Paper pdf
– Consequences for donor interventions
Mathieu Cloutier, Hodan Hassan, Deborah Isser, Gaël Raballand - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

Building on a World Bank regional study in Africa aiming at measuring social contracts concepts and within the framework of reflecting on future donor interventions, this paper applies social contracts measurement and complements with qualitative assessments in Somalia. This paper uses the...

Working Paper pdf
– An analysis of the aggregate welfare effect of aid fungibility
Zunera Rana, Dirk-Jan Koch - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper, we explore the relationship between foreign aid fungibility and aggregate welfare. Using panel data from 35 low-income and lower-middle-income countries, we first check the presence of sectoral aid fungibility in our sample and find evidence for it. We then use econometric methods...

Working Paper pdf
Ludvig Wier, Gabriel Zucman - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper constructs time series of global profit shifting covering the 2015–19 period, during which major international efforts were implemented to curb profit shifting. We find that (i) multinational profits grew faster than global profits, (ii) the share of multinational profits...

Working Paper pdf
– Challenges and opportunities for sub-Saharan Africa
Abel Gwaindepi - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

Effective domestic revenue mobilization has gained renewed urgency, especially in the light of the need to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In taxation debates, the ‘informal sectors’ have hitherto been assumed to be a part of the problem and implicitly mistaken for lucrative tax...

Working Paper pdf
– Past and present
Zoya Hasan - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper examines the existing state of reservations, more specifically, reservation policies and reservations for government jobs for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in India. It discusses the progression and ramifications of these policies and how they have affected the democratization of...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from the regulation of junkyards in Brazil
Andre Mancha - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

I describe how monitoring and harsher law enforcement reduce the expected economic benefits of crime. I investigate the effect of shifts in legal authorities’ surveillance by focusing on junkyards, firms often associated with illegal markets and auto theft. Starting in 2014, many...

Working Paper pdf
Abdul Malik Iddrisu, Alhassan Abdul-Wakeel Karakara, Evans S. Osabuohien - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

Agricultural activities in many African countries are bedevilled by a range of risk factors. Using micro-level household datasets from a range of countries in Africa, we examine the drivers of agricultural risks, while exploring the role of context as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Working Paper pdf
Elisa Casi, Mohammed Mardan, Rohit Reddy Muddasani - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

We study the short-term effect of the introduction of the mandatory disclosure programme for aggressive tax arrangements by focusing on the one introduced in May 2018 under Council Directive 2018/288/EU (or DAC6). Employing bilateral data on cross-border deposits, we study the effect of this...

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