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Working Paper pdf
– Effects on poverty and redistribution
Verónica Amarante, Martin Brun - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper, we present comparative evidence for eight Latin American countries regarding design and effects of cash transfers (CTs). On the basis of household survey data, we analyse their coverage, importance in household income, and effects on poverty reduction and income redistribution.We...

Working Paper pdf
Paul Mosley, Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

One key element in the reduction of poverty and (in Latin America) inequality has been the achievement of greater fiscal equity; we analyse one key part of this process, which is the earmarking of portions of tax revenue to be spent on progressive public expenditures such as social protection,...

Working Paper pdf
– The lack of sustainability
Iván Gachet, Diego F. Grijalva, Paúl Ponce, Damián Rodríguez - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

We analyse vertical and horizontal inequality in Ecuador from a long-run perspective, as well as during and after the commodities boom. Using various data sources we show that Ecuador has made significant progress in reducing inequality, particularly since 2000. However, inequality has started...

Working Paper pdf
– Conditional cash transfers and employment choices
María Gabriela Palacio - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

Some claim that certain forms of social protection, conditional cash transfers in particular, result in perverse incentives for recipients in order to stay eligible for receiving benefits. This notion has a bearing on the design of social protection programmes and may undermine the political...

Kate Pruce - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

The sculpture below in Mexico City is called ‘El Ángel de la Securidad Social’ (The Angel of Social Security) and was created by Jorge Marín in 2013 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) in 1943. In...

Working Paper pdf
– A financial proposal to keep the oil underground in the Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Santiago Bucaram, Mario Andrés Fernandez, Diego Grijalva - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

The Yasuni National Park is a protected area located in the Amazon region of Ecuador and is recognized as one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. In recent years the park has received much attention due to the media exposure of the Yasuni-ITT Initiative. This Initiative proposed a...

Working Paper pdf
– A feasibility study
H. Xavier Jara - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility to implement a tax and benefit microsimulation model for Ecuador using EUROMOD as an interface. We first present a detailed description of the main components of the tax and benefit system in Ecuador for year 2014. We then describe available...

Working Paper pdf
Carla Canelas - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper uses national representative data from the Ecuadorian Family Expenditure survey to study the determinants of poverty and informality in the country, taking into account the simultaneous two-way relationship between these two phenomena. The results support the view of a heterogeneous...

Working Paper pdf
– Ecuador country study
Guillermo Cruces, Gary S. Fields, David Jaume, Mariana Viollaz - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

Ecuador experienced moderate economic growth during the 2000s. The economy suffered a mild recession during the international crisis of 2008, but returned to pre-recession GDP per capita level in 2010. Most labour market indicators improved over the period. The only indicator that worsened was...

Working Paper pdf
– New Evidence from Individual Income Tax Returns
Liliana Cano - UNU-WIDER, 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper presents new evidence on the study of income mobility in Ecuador over the period 2004–11. We utilize longitudinal data of individual income tax returns to measure income mobility both at the top and at the middle of the income distribution, and we find three main empirical...

Research Brief
UNU -WIDER - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

During the 1990s, inequality in Ecuador increased because of a natural disaster and deep economic and financial crisis, as well as the impact of liberalization of the trade and financial sectors on labour markets Falling income equality in Ecuador during the 2000s partly coincides with...

Book Chapter
– Rising and Falling Income Inequality in the 1990s and 2000s
Juan Ponce, Rob Vos - , 2014
Working Paper pdf
Carla Canelas - UNU-WIDER, 2014 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates if changes in the minimum wage have influenced changes on the formality and informality rates, and the level of wages in Ecuador. A 12-year panel was built. It allows to overcome the short time span of household data and so to characterize changes over time. Results suggest...

Working Paper pdf
– Rising and Falling Income Inequality in the 1990s and 2000s
Juan Ponce, Rob Vos - UNU-WIDER, 2012 - Helsinki, Finland

This study examines the rise and fall in income inequality in Ecuador over the past two decades. Falling income equality during the 2000s partly coincides with the rise to power of a ‘new leftist’ government, but the trend was already set early in the decade. The recent trend is mainly...

Working Paper pdf
– Longitudinal Results from Guayaquil, Ecuador
Caroline Moser, Andrew Felton - UNU-WIDER, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the gendered nature of asset accumulation between 1978 and 2004 in Indio Guayas, a low-income community on the periphery of the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. In so doing, it emphasizes both the importance of combining quantitative and qualitative intra-household data, as well as...

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