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Working Paper pdf
Simon Feeny - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper models the inter-temporal allocation of foreign development aid to Papua New Guinea (PNG). A formal theoretical model of aid allocation is developed, in which aid to any one country is determined jointly with aid to all other recipient countries. This is recognized in the econometric...

Working Paper pdf
– Panoramic Issues and Empirical Evidence
Matthew Odedokun - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper examines a wide range of issues relating to the mix between loans and grants as well as the degree of concessionality of loans. A number of empirical tests are carried out based on annual panel data over 1970 to 1999 for 22 donor countries and 72 recipient countries. Based on the tests,...

Working Paper pdf
Jeffery I. Round, Matthew Odedokun - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper empirically explores the factors that could have accounted for the generally declining aid effort (defined as the generosity ratio, or the share of GDP given as aid) of bilateral donors over the last three decades. Annual panel data over 1970-2000 period for the 22 DAC members are used in...

Working Paper pdf
– Analysis and Description of Structure and Trends
Matthew Odedokun - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper presents a comprehensive survey of the ‘shopping list’ of sources of external finance that are directly channeled to the business sector of developing countries. Generally, our analytical survey covers the 1970-2000 period, and includes the distribution of foreign resources...

Working Paper pdf
– A Critical Reappraisal
Machiko Nissanke - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

The donor community has enthusiastically embraced the concept of microfinance as a promising mechanism to attain the objectives of poverty alleviation and microenterprise development. Amid the high expectation, a myth has been inadvertently created that they could be the ultimate solution to...

Working Paper pdf
– A Three-dimensional Panel Analysis
Jean-Claude Berthélemy, Ariane Tichit - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

The present paper adds to the already large existing literature on aid distribution as it runs an equation on bilateral aid allocation on a very rich dataset, covering 20 years (1980-99), 22 donors and 137 recipients, which permits a three-dimensional panel study (recipient-year-donor) and allows...

Working Paper pdf
Sylvanus I. Ikhide - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper reviews the role of the multilateral aid agencies in the delivery of aid. The role of these institutions is as old as the debate on the role of aid in economic development. Aid is effective in a good policy environment. However, effective aid delivery is equally crucial. This is why the...

Working Paper pdf
– The Case of IFC
George Mavrotas - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper examines the role of the multinational development banks in private sector financing with a particular focus on the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The aim of the paper is to bring to focus, in an analytical manner, the past activities and operations as well as the problems and...

Working Paper pdf
Ayodele Jimoh - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

The study examines the official bilateral donors’ current aid practice for private sector development (PSD). In particular, it reviews the donors’ major instruments and channels for aid delivery and the extent to which official flows have catalytic effects on private direct foreign...

Working Paper pdf
Peter Gibbon, Lau Schulpen - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper identifies the rationale behind the emergence of private sector development (PSD) as a special area of development assistance. It describes PSD policies’ main elements and instruments and provides an overview of the differences and similarities between the PSD activities of...

Working Paper pdf
Prathivadi Bhayankaram Anand - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the concept of global public goods (GPGs) and in that context explores the extent of aid (ODA) presently being diverted to GPG provision and whether such diversion skews aid-flows towards some recipients and whether diverting aid to GPG provision crowds out aid for conventional...

Working Paper pdf
Jonathan P. Thomas - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper examines the main issues involved in translating domestic bankruptcy procedures to the sovereign context. It considers some of the principles by which domestic bankruptcy procedures operate, and the extent to which they apply to international lending. Two recent proposals are considered...

Working Paper pdf
S. Mansoob Murshed - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines some of the issues associated with the aid donor process arising from the theory of agency or principal-agent models and endogenous policy determination. The principals may be viewed as legislators and the agents as the aid agency. In addition to adverse selection and moral...

Working Paper pdf
Howard White - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

Official flows account for close to half of capital flows to developing countries, and close to 90 per cent of receipts for Sub-Saharan Africa. This paper documents trends in these official flows over the last three decades. The most striking trend has been declining aid volume. Following two...

Working Paper pdf
– The Effectiveness of Aid Finance and Conditions
Oliver Morrissey - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper evaluates aid both by considering the evidence on aid effectiveness in promoting growth and by considering how effective has aid been in exerting leverage on policy choices. We argue that in both respects aid has had beneficial effects. It is rather easy to demonstrate that if a...

Working Paper pdf
Niels Hermes, Robert Lensink, Victor Murinde - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper, we review the theoretical and empirical literature on capital flight. First, we discuss the measurement of capital flight. Next, we provide information on the magnitude as well as the ‘burden’ of capital flight for a selected set of developing countries in four regions of...

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