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Working Paper pdf
– What Might Be Done Now or Soon and Under What Conditions
Anthony Clunies-Ross - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

Some of the ways that have recently been discussed for increasing significantly the own resources of developing countries, or the amount or usefulness of the overseas aid that they receive, are potentially promising politically. This is because the obstacles that they face are those of inertia or...

Working Paper pdf
– New Spirit or Old Hangover?
Peter J. Burnell - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This study is premised on the view that reports circulating in the 1990s, claiming foreign aid was in terminal crisis, were premature. Aid’s reviving fortunes are explained in terms both of a growing awareness of the uneven implications of globalization and the after-effects of the terrorist...

Working Paper pdf
George Mavrotas - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper uses an aid disaggregation approach to examine the impact of different types of aid on the fiscal sector of the aid-recipient country. It uses time-series data on different types of aid (project aid, programme aid, technical assistance and food aid) for Uganda, an important aid recipient...

Working Paper pdf
Ilene Grabel - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores two proposals to tax financial flows in developing economies—the package of policies implemented to various degrees by Chile and Colombia during the 1990s, widely referred to today as the Chilean model—and securities transactions taxes (STTs). I find that each...

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