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Working Paper pdf
Etienne Romsom - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper, the first of two on global oil theft and fraud, discusses the prevalence, methods, and consequences of global oil theft, valued at US$133 billion per year and equivalent to 5–7 per cent of the global market for crude oil and petroleum fuels. However, the impact of oil...

Working Paper pdf
Etienne Romsom - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

This second of two papers on global oil theft discusses ways to reduce oil theft, misappropriation, and fraud. At US$133 billion per year, oil is the largest stolen natural resource globally, while fuel is the most smuggled natural resource. Oil theft equates to 5–7 per cent of the...

Working Paper pdf
– The role of oil theft and narcocracy and the electoral consequences of organized crime
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero, Nayely Iturbe - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

When does organized crime resort to assassinating politicians? In narcocracies, criminal groups co-opt political elites through bribery in exchange for protection to traffic illegal drugs. When criminal groups compete, they may also resort to political violence to influence which candidate wins...

Timothy Shipp - UNU-WIDER, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland

In this blog, the managing editor of the WIDERAngle shares his personal view on some of the most important —and potentially overlooked— work recently released in the WIDER Working Paper Series. We just passed the halfway point of 2022 and, as of this writing, UNU-WIDER has...

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