WIDER Annual Lecture by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Three Decades of Change in Development.

In his WIDER Annual Lecture Professor Amartya Sen spoke about how many of the old challenges for development from when UNU-WIDER was established in the 1980s; a huge burden of poverty, as well as extensive economic and social inequalities, related to class, gender and other barriers, are still the key issues. 

None the less, much has been achieved, and many of the problems are being systematically addressed. He further argued that there are new problems, like climate change and terrorism, which will need to be dealt in conjunction with the old issues, taking into their effect on the most vulnerable people in the world. 

Lecture: Three decades of Change in Development


Question and answer session

Many people found the question and answer session after the lecture particularly inspiring. Professor Sen answered questions from anyone in the audience on topics ranging from austerity to econometrics.