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Working Paper
A 2012 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for South Africa

This paper documents the construction of a South African Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for the year 2012...

Working Paper
Capital Account Liberalization and Management

This paper reviews the history and controversies associated with capital account management...

Accounting Capital Financial institutions, International
Research Brief
Policy processes and the global food price crisis 2007-08

The recent food price crisis and the responses of the policy makers in developing countries provide an unprecedented opportunity to analyse the policy processes in these countries...

Accounting Aeronautics, Commercial Agriculture
Working Paper
African Growth Miracle or Statistical Tragedy?: Interpreting Trends in the Data Over the Past Two Decades

This paper reviews the current problems of national accounting in Sub-Saharan Africa. With the current uneven application of methods and availability of data, any ranking of countries according to gross domestic product levels is misleading...

Accounting Economic development Economic growth
Ghana’s Oil Resources Toward Economic Growth and Human Development

Robert Darko Osei As the country’s oil production shifts into gear, Ghana’s new status as a middle-income country is bound to see a reduction in official development assistance (ODA) in the medium to long term...

Accounting Capital Economic assistance and foreign aid
Who Captures Value in Global Supply Chains?: The Case of Nokia's N95 Smartphone

Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö, Petri Rouvinen, Timo Seppälä, Pekka Ylä-Anttila Available statistics biases the true picture of the current stage of globalization, which is characterized by widespread outsourcing and offshoring...

Accounting Globalization Industrial management
Book Chapter
Monitoring and Evaluation Reform under Changing Aid Modalities

From the book: Foreign Aid for Development

Accounting Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Working Paper
Monitoring and Evaluation Reform under Changing Aid Modalities: Seeking the Middle Ground in Aid-Dependent Low-Income Countries

This paper grew out of our bewilderment with the insouciance with which some in the donor community seem ready to abandon accounting for the use of aid...

Accounting Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Standards, Codes and Pension Flows

by Helmut Reisen ​The case for mutual benefits arising from the global diversification of portfolios holds well for funded retirement savings...

Accounting Financial institutions Institutional economics
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