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    The first-ever bundle of microsimulation models for the Global South released

    The SOUTHMOD bundle compiles tax-benefit microsimulation models for 12 developing countries into a single platform, drawing inspiration from the tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union, EUROMOD. UNU-WIDER’s SOUTHMOD project aims to...

    TAZMOD model retreat 2022
    Sam Jones speaks at Africa Industrialization Day 2022 event

    On 8 December, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Mozambique organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) and the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office (UN RCO) in Mozambique, a...

    Eva-Maria Egger at IGC panel on integration of migrants and refugees in Mozambique

    On 1 December 2022, Eva-Maria Egger, UNU-WIDER Research Fellow in the Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme (IGM), participated in a panel discussion on the short- and long-term integration of displaced people and refugees in Mozambique. The panel...

    Michael Keller discusses sustainable management of natural resources at IMD conference 2022

    The Institute for Multiparty Democracy (IMD), in partnership with the Ministry of Land and Environment (Ministério de Terra e Ambiente, MTA) and the National Petroleum Institute (Instituto Nacional de Petróleo, INP-MIREME), organized an international...

    Press Release: New research reveals close to $1 trillion in profits shifted to tax havens

    A new research paper published by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) shows the first global estimates of profits shifted to tax havens between 1975-2019. The study documents a remarkable increase in profit shifting, with close to $1 trillion or 40% of multinational profits shifted to tax havens in 2019. Globally, 10% of corporate tax revenues are lost as a result.

    UNU-WIDER launches new series: Cambridge Elements in Development Economics

    UNU-WIDER is excited to publish the first titles in a new series of peer-reviewed, original, authoritative, and succinct publications combining the best features of books and journals, made especially for digital access.

    Sam Jones at IESE conference 2022

    The 2022 conference of the Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IESE) focused on the topic of ‘Conflict, Violence and Development’. Held in Maputo, Mozambique, in hybrid mode on 19–21 September, the event brought together local and...

    UNU-WIDER alum Nanak Kakwani releases a new book on poverty and inequality

    Professor Nanak Kakwani is one of UNU-WIDER's first research fellows. Joining the institute in 1986, he is the author of the second WIDER Working Paper ever published. The first is Food, Economics, and Entitlements by UNU-WIDER founder and Nobel...

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