• Towards gender equity in development

    Project workshop

    An international group of senior researchers will come together at the ‘Towards gender equity in development’ workshop on 3-4 February 2017 to present work stemming from the ongoing project on gender and development.

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    Growth and development policy – New data, new approaches, and new evidence

    UNU-WIDER and the National Treasury conference

    Economies in the southern Africa region face thorny challenges when it comes to the transformation of their economies, job creation, and the need to share the benefits of growth. This conference will present findings from a collaborative programme which aims to throw light on these challenges, and provide policy makers in southern Africa with crucial insights into how they can be overcome. 

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    Photo: Rob Beechey / World Bank

    Conference on Poverty and Well-being in Mozambique

    Analysis of the 2014/15 Household Survey Results

    The conference aims to raise public awareness on the issue of poverty and highlight the importance of poverty estimates and its policy implications. By identifying the most important characteristics of poverty for the Mozambican case we can aid decision makers in the country in tackling the challenge of improving living conditions for the worst off.

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