• Women’s struggle for land in South Asia: Can legal reforms trump social norms?

    WIDER Annual Lecture 25 | Bina Agarwal

    Have changes in the law giving legal equity in property improved women’s situation in practice? Have they closed the gender gap in actual land ownership and trumped restrictive social norms and customs? If not, is there a way forward?  

    Watch the WIDER Annual Lecture to find out

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    Photo: United Nations Development Programme

    WIDER Webinar Series

    Think WIDER Webinar Series – New perspectives on development

    Think WIDER – New perspectives on development webinar series features a line-up of eminent researchers and development specialists who present their work and discuss new perspectives to the topic of global development.

    Register to join the webinar live for your chance to ask questions and engage in the discussion! See the current list and registration links for the upcoming webinars.

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    Unsplash/Thomas Chan

    2021 WIDER Development Conference: COVID-19 and development – effects and new realities for the Global South

    The 2021 WIDER Development Conference privided provide a platform for sharing knowledge on the effects of the pandemic in different regions across the Global South with the aim of connecting research and policy communities around the world to discuss how to move forward.  

    Session videos now available. More coming soon.

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    WIDER Seminar Series

    The WIDER Seminar Series is back! Join us *ONLINE* for research seminars that showcases the latest research on key topics in development economics. 
    In autumn 2021, the Seminar Series events take place on Wednesdays from 16:00–17:00 on Zoom.

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