UNU procures goods and services through competitive solicitations.

Contracts for the supply or provision of commodities or services are awarded in accordance with the United Nations Financial Regulation 5.1, Rules 105.03 and 105.19, as well as the Procurement Manual. The following general principles shall be given due consideration when exercising the procurement functions of the United Nations: ‘best value for money’, fairness, integrity and transparency, effective international competition, and the interest of the United Nations Organization.

Procurement is the overall process of acquiring and managing the life-cycle of goods, services, and works. UNU-WIDER ensures the following principles during procurement activities.

The procurement team at UNU-WIDER ensures that all required goods, services and works are obtained in accordance with the ‘best value for money’ -principle and in a fair and transparent manner. UNU-WIDER procures goods such as office equipment, ICT equipment, office furniture and supplies. In addition, following services are regularly procured: conference servicing, consulting, design, ICT services, printing, publishing, training, and travel.

The United Nations University and its Institutes:

  • Encourage suppliers to register with the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) and with the local UNU-WIDER vendor roster
  • Source both internationally and locally from UNU vendor roster, UNGM, other vendor rosters of the UN organizations, government, local industrial bodies and other sources to ensure fair and effective international competition 
  • Procure goods and services through detailed and well-designed specifications and terms of references, effective evaluation criteria in order to ensure best quality and best value for money wherever possible
  • Implement effective contract and supplier-relations management
  • Have a zero tolerance policy for unethical behaviour and corrupt practices in the procurement activities and suspends companies that do not adhere to the highest ethical standards.