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Bootcamp for better tax policies in Africa

‘I intend to see a world in which tax policy research is based on evidence, and policy decisions are data-driven.’ This is an aspiration expressed by a participant of the WIDER Winter School 2022 ...

Tax compliance Capacity building Data
Digital Workplace Technician (GS-6)

UNU-WIDER is hiring a Digital Workplace Technician in Helsinki, Finland.

Closing date: 20 July 2022
UNU Careers
Associate Communications Officer (NPSA)

UNU-WIDER is hiring an Associate Communications Officer in Pretoria, South Africa.

Closing date: 20 July 2022
UNU Careers
Confronting low domestic savings in Africa

What are the linkages between national savings and sustainable economic growth? Why are there differences in the amounts of savings between different countries?...

Informal work Developing countries Domestic savings
Research Brief
The employment and poverty effects of in-work policies in Ecuador Informal work Child labour Tax revenue
Monitoring & Evaluation Analyst (PSA)

UNU-WIDER is hiring Monitoring & Evaluation Analyst in Helsinki, Finland...

Closing date: 18 July 2022
UNU Careers
Decent work – discussion on working conditions in Helsinki and globally

How committed is Helsinki to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals? The discussion forum at the City Hall on Tuesday addressed one of the goals, namely decent work and economic growth...

Informal economy Decent Work SDG8
Research Fellow (P-2) - 2 positions

UNU-WIDER is hiring two Research Fellows in Pretoria, South Africa.

Closing date: 30 June 2022
The puzzle of peace – towards inclusive development in fragile contexts

In 2022, UNU-WIDER hosts two WIDER Development Conferences, the first took place in Helsinki on 16–17 May 2022. Check the programme to find presentation slides and links to the posters prestented here . Across the two days, sessions covered a...

16 May 202217 May 2022
Scandic Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
The puzzle of peace - conference image
Journal Special Issue
What sustains informality

SPECIAL ISSUE IN PRODUCTION | The special issue contributes significantly to critical issues related to the nature of informal employment and its determinants, how informal firms can grow their business and productivity, and the effects of labour mar...

Informal work Informality Labour market
Request for research proposals
18 May 2022 Analysis on firms and taxation using micro data from Uganda
Closing date: 27 June 2022
Can access to finance spur entrepreneurship in Indian informal sector?

Credit constraints, a consequence of the widespread failure of credit markets in developing countries, are widely regarded as a key constraint to entrepreneurship...

India Informality Entrepreneurship
Solving the puzzle of peace: Overcoming the curse of Finland

At The puzzle of peace conference in Helsinki, Adnan Khan, Chief Economist at the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, lamented what he called the ‘Curse of Finland’...

Seeking asylum from nowhere— how origin shapes the context of reception

Afghanistan is the world’s newest nowhere , a predicament that will shape the evacuation and resettlement prospects for millions of people for the foreseeable future. What does it mean to call Afghanistan a ‘nowhere’?...

Refugees Forced migration Global Governance and Conflict
Do elites capture foreign aid?

Does foreign aid end up in the pockets of elites instead of contributing to inclusive economic development?...

Corruption Foreign aid Wealth inequality
Could the war in Ukraine encourage Western leaders to finally deal with shadow finance?

' I say to the Russian oligarchs and the corrupt leaders who bilked billions of dollars off this violent regime: no more… We are coming for your ill-begotten gains.' – Joe Biden at the 1 March 2022, State of the Union Address One...

The war in Ukraine: Civilian vulnerability, resilience, and resistance

The current and future civilian impacts of the war in Ukraine are immense...

UNU-WIDER ongoing work on the effect of COVID-19 on the economies, states, and societies of the Global South

It is clear that COVID-19 will have serious implications for economies, states, and societies of the Global South. At UNU-WIDER we are reorienting our work to think through what those implications are and possible mitigation and adaptation measures...

A new way to approach economic growth in fragile contexts

Weak legal systems, complex regulations, dishonoured agreements, corruption, general disorder - these are just some of the challenges that development agencies working in fragile and conflict-affected states face...

UNU-WIDER Annual Report Deals & Development Fragile states
What does ‘promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth’ mean for everyday life?

Erica stands under a rudimentary market stall in Accra, Ghana, selling fruits — she has done this every day for 10 years now...

Informal work Economic Transformation Database
The 2022 energy shock

The price and availability of energy is fundamental to the health of the global economy...

Natural resources Energy resources Armed conflict
Does access to microfinance help or hinder women’s empowerment?

Almost everywhere, women are underrepresented in labour markets compared to men...

Gender equality Gender equality; Labour markets Bangladesh
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