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Affirmative action
Working Paper
The effect of class assignment on academic performance and the labour market: Evidence from a public federal university in Brazil

Can students’ rank in the ability distribution of their class impact their academic achievement?...

Affirmative action Brazil Education
Journal Article
Can Business Rights Alleviate Group-Based Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa?: Understanding the Limits to Reform

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Group-based inequality Minorities Business
Affirmative action policies and South Africa’s racial wage gap

Racial wage inequality and discrimination have pervaded South African society for centuries. Apartheid legislation cemented these disparities by institutionalizing white job reservation and many other unfair practices...

Affirmative action Discrimination Apartheid
Working Paper
Business rights and ethnic exclusion in sub-Saharan Africa: Addressing group-based inequality through business rights reform

The business rights pillar of the Legal Empowerment of the Poor agenda is not preoccupied with equality of outcome; it concentrates instead on equality of opportunity...

Legal empowerment Entrepreneurship Affirmative action
Discrimination and affirmative action - what have we learnt so far?

Theme: Inclusion

Discrimination Class Inequality
Disadvantaged groups and social mobility

Theme: Inclusion

This project has three main objectives in line with UNU-WIDER’s tradition in the area of inclusion and horizontal inequality: (1) to shed further light on the extent to which inequalities run along ethnic, gender, and other communal lines; (2...

Disadvantaged groups Social mobility Group-based inequality
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