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Working Paper
India’s development cooperation in Africa: The case of ‘Solar Mamas’ who bring light

This paper examines multiple facets of New Delhi’s development cooperation with countries in Africa and argues that grassroots organizations in India that find innovative, low-cost technological solutions to developmental challenges can help go...

India Africa development cooperation
Research Brief
Did withholding value-added tax improve revenue collection in Zambia? withholding VAT Tax compliance Tax administration
Working Paper
Assessing the impact of an intervention to withhold value-added tax in Zambia

Improving tax collection is essential if developing economies are to avoid over-reliance on external donor funds and loans...

Value-added tax Tax compliance Tax administration
Working Paper
Public savings in Africa: Do sovereign wealth funds serve development?

Do sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) contribute to Africa’s development? This paper assesses the objectives of SWFs (fiscal stabilization, productive investment, intergenerational saving) and discusses alternatives...

Saving Sovereign wealth funds Fiscal policy
Working Paper
Foreign aid and intergenerational mobility in Africa

While there is extensive literature examining the growth and development effects of foreign aid, very little attention has been paid to its potential impact on social mobility...

Foreign aid Intergenerational Mobility Africa
Working Paper
Agricultural risks, the COVID-19 pandemic, and farm household welfare and diversification strategies in Africa

Agricultural activities in many African countries are bedevilled by a range of risk factors...

Risk COVID-19 Household welfare
Working Paper
Unravelling Africa’s raw material footprints and their drivers

This paper applies an environmentally extended input–output analysis, leveraging the Eora database, to estimate the global raw material footprints of 51 African nations from 1995 to 2015...

Ecological footprint Input–output Raw materials
African Tax Administration Forum Master Class in collaboration with UNU-WIDER
8 September 2022
Movenpick hotel, Accra, Ghana
Past event
Bride price or dowry?

Why is it that in some countries the parents of a bride pay dowry, whereas in some others the groom has to pay for the bride? What is the impact of different traditions on women’s lives?...

Marriage payments Women's empowerment Psychological aspects (Economics)
Diana Mitlin on why urban poverty in sub-Saharan Africa needs more attention
1 February 2022
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Decomposing learning inequalities in East Africa: How much does sorting matter?

Inequalities in learning opportunities arise from both household- and school-related factors...

Africa Inequality of opportunities Sorting
In the media
SOUTHMOD study on the impact of COVID-19 in Africa gains attention in media and different outlets COVID-19 Africa Inequality
Corona pandemic revealed gaps in African social security systems

Millions of Africans lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but state social security systems were of little help to people who lost their income...

COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Policy Brief
O papel das políticas de impostos e benefícios durante a pandemia da COVID-19 em 2020 em Moçambique COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
An African in Africa: New perspectives on travelling for research

Working for an international organisation presents a host of challenges, given the vast nature of tasks that one must surmount in a fast paced and changing environment...

Zambia Ghana Africa
Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi and Joseph Asunka on Afrobarometer and SDG Scorecards
30 November 2021
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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