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Journal Article
Exploring regional and gender disparities in Beninese primary school attendance: A multilevel approach

DHS data is combined with school supply statistics to study primary school attendance in the 2005–06 school year in Benin, a country that has seen almost unparalleled increases in attendance since the 1990s...

Economic development Demand for schooling Africa
Working Paper
New technologies create opportunities

This paper argues that new technologies—for communication, such as mobile phones and the internet, but also for manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and transport—have the potential to bridge many of the productivity gaps between sub-Sahar...

Africa Industrialization Technology
Working Paper
Excess female mortality in Africa

Relative to developed countries, there are far fewer women than men in parts of the developing world. Estimates suggest that more than 200 million women are demographically ‘missing’ worldwide...

Missing women Mortality Gender
Working Paper
The global politics of social protection

Since the early 2000s international development agencies have actively promoted social protection as a new global public policy...

Africa Policy transfer Politics
Working Paper
Rwanda: From devastation to services-first transformation

Since civil war and genocide left the country in ruins, Rwanda has undergone a remarkable transformation...

Africa Economic growth Exports
Working Paper
Exploring regional and gender disparities in Beninese primary school attendance: A multilevel approach

This study combines household survey data from the Beninese Demographic and Health Survey with school supply statistics in order to investigate regional and gender disparities in primary school attendance rates in Benin...

Economic development Demand for schooling Africa
A two-way street: Regional integration in southern Africa through supermarkets

Walk into any supermarket and you will find a mix of products to stock the kitchen. It’s easy to assume that many of the goods on offer are sourced locally and from nearby countries...

Regional growth Africa Supermarkets
Working Paper
Legal empowerment of the poor through property rights reform: Tensions and trade-offs of land registration and titling in sub-Saharan Africa

Land registration and titling in Africa has been seen as a means of legal empowerment of the poor that can protect smallholders’ and pastoralists’ rights of access to land and other land-based resources...

Property Land rights
Working Paper
Modeling sustainable long-term electricity supply–demand in Africa

This paper develops a scenario-based model to identify and provide an array of electricity demand in Africa, and to derive them from the African power system of development...

Energy planning Electricity Sustainable development
Journal Article
Learning to export and learning from exporting: The case of Ethiopian manufacturing

Part of Journal Special Issue Learning to Compete

Exports Learning Africa
Working Paper
Tourism global value chains and Africa

As Africa continues to attract record numbers of international arrivals, there are industry undercurrents that influence the continent’s participation in tourism value chains...

Tourism Africa Global value chains
Working Paper
Industrial clusters: The case for Special Economic Zones in Africa

Firms tend to cluster in close geographic proximity to each other to benefit from reduced transport costs, shared inputs, and productivity spillovers due to learning and technology transfers...

Agglomeration Special Economic Zones Spatial industrial policy
Working Paper
Agro-processing and horticultural exports from Africa

Sub-Saharan African exports of horticultural and processed agricultural products are growing in line with the major shift towards these products in world markets...

Africa Agro-processing Trade
Africa's Lions: Growth Traps and Opportunities for Six African Economies
3 November 2016
Brookings Institution, Saul/Zilkha Auditorium, 1775 Massachusetts Ave, Washington, DC, United States
Past event
Working Paper
The political economy of ‘linked’ progressive taxation in Africa and Latin America

One key element in the reduction of poverty and (in Latin America) inequality has been the achievement of greater fiscal equity; we analyse one key part of this process, which is the earmarking of portions of tax revenue to be spent on progressive pu...

Taxation Public expenditure Political econom
Working Paper
Technical note: Proposed model for regional power sector integration in Africa

Regional power pools present a significant and potentially defining opportunity for African power systems to develop domestic energy resources, improve system reliability, and contribute to overall economic development...

Climate change Capacity expansion planning Power pools
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