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Benefit programmes
Working Paper
Technology and clientelist politics in India

This paper argues that new computer, smartphone, and universal ID technologies are reducing the incentives for political clientelism in the delivery of social programmes in India, especially by allowing party leaders to bypass local brokers to credit...

Clientelism India Technology
Working Paper
Clientelism, public goods provision, and governance

It is widely believed that clientelism—the giving of material goods in return for electoral support—is associated with poorer development outcomes...

Clientelism Development Benefit programmes
Working Paper
Can information campaigns reduce last mile payment delays in public works programme?: Evidence from a field experiment in India

Does information dissemination among beneficiaries of welfare programmes mitigate their implementation failures?...

Implementation Information randomization
Working Paper
Rural roads and urban agglomeration economies: Benefits for town and country?

Do urban agglomeration economies enhance the social profitability of rural roads? When all goods are traded at parametric world prices, lower transport costs benefit villagers...

Agglomeration Benefit programmes Transportation cost
Photo: Penguincakes The economics and politics of taxation and social protection

Theme: Inclusion

Tax Social protection Political economy
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