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Policy seminar
Distributional Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zambia

UNU-WIDER's SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation team, in collaboration with the senior partners and national teams has undertaken a research analyzing tax-benefit policies during the first stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in five sub-Saharan...

14 October 2021
Sarovar Premiere Hotel, online, Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
Press Release: New UN study reveals limited impact of tax and social protection policies in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Policy Brief
Limited impact of the tax-benefit system in Tanzania during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
COVID-19 and the Global South — From crisis response to sustainable development

Around the world, the pandemic, and the measures taken to address it, have had far reaching effects on poverty, inequality, and governance...

COVID-19 WIDER Development Conference
Policy Brief
Distributional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Policy Brief
Distributional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Policy Brief
The role of tax-benefit policies during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in Mozambique COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Working together to better understand how COVID-19 affects poverty and inequality

In summer 2020 the SOUTHMOD team set out, with partners, to analyse the impact of government policies on protecting households from getting poorer and avoiding societies from becoming more unequal...

COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Policy Brief
Distributional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Zambia COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Working Paper
The mitigating role of tax and benefit rescue packages for poverty and inequality in Africa amid the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper analyses the distributional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and related tax-benefit measures in 2020 in a cross-country comparative perspective for five African countries: Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia...

COVID-19 Income distribution Poverty
Technical Note
Imputation methods for adjusting SOUTHMOD input data to income losses due to the COVID-19 crisis

This note sets out two different methods on how to adjust incomes in the microdata underlying the standard SOUTHMOD models to reflect a sudden shock, in this case the COVID-19 shock, as done in the accompanying working paper by Lastunen et al...

Imputation Income Survey data
Technical Note
Full-year adjustment for modelling COVID-19 policies in SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models

This technical note presents a modelling approach used in Lastunen et al. (2021) where tax and benefit policies are scaled to reflect their actual duration during a single calendar year...

COVID-19 Tax-benefit microsimulation Poverty
Technical Note
Iterative proportional fitting for reweighting input data in SOUTHMOD microsimulation models

This note describes how the counterfactual datasets in the working paper by Lastunen et al. (2021) have been reweighted, for each country analysed, to the ‘pre-crisis’ time point of 31 March 2020...

COVID-19 SOUTHMOD Microsimulation
Technical Note
Deriving shocks to household consumption expenditures from the associated income shocks resulting from COVID-19

This note, which forms part of a series of technical notes that complement Lastunen et al. (2021) , reports the approach used to derive shocks to household expenditures from shocks at the individual-level labour incomes...

COVID-19 Income Shocks
COVID-19 and development - effects and new realities for the Global South
6 September 20218 September 2021
Past event
Staffan Lindberg’s keynote address is a wake-up call

In introducing Staffan Lindberg’s keynote at the WIDER Development Conference, UNU-WIDER Senior Research Fellow and political scientist Rachel Gisselquist says that the COVID-19 pandemic is linked to new restrictions on rights and freedoms at a...

Democracy Democracy and human rights Autocracy
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