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Child education
Working Paper
Maternal employment and children’s outcomes: Evidence from Indonesia

Is maternal employment beneficial or harmful for child development? Maternal employment generates income, which is needed to provide core inputs for children’s health and education...

Child development Indonesia Female labour force participation
Unsplash / Kameron Kincade Valeria Groppo on conditional cash transfers, child work and schooling
20 January 2021
Online, Helsinki
Past event
Working Paper
Improving parenting practices for early child development: Experimental evidence from Rwanda

This paper investigates the short- and medium-term impact of a randomized group-based early child development programme targeting parents of children aged six to 24 months in a poor, rural district of Rwanda...

Child education Child development Parenting programme
What should Mozambique do with the revenue from natural gas projects? (Part II)

At the beginning of this decade, large offshore natural gas fields were discovered in north-east Mozambique. Investment is now flowing into the country, and a boom in the natural gas sector is expected...

Extractives Mozambique Revenues
Working Paper
Unexpected effects of land fragmentation

Using instrumental variable method and Vietnam Access to Resources Household Surveys of 2008–16, I examine the effect of land fragmentation on child outcomes. The study shows that higher land fragmentation decreases child school dropout...

Instrumental variable Land fragmentation Child education
Working Paper
Female say on income and child outcomes: Evidence from Nigeria

This paper delves into the effect of female bargaining power on child education and labor outcomes in Nigeria. Female bargaining power is proxied by female say on labor income, rather than by female income per se...

Child education Child labour Female bargaining power
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