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Commodity boom
Book Chapter
Peru: employment and inequality trends

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Earnings Decomposition methods Inequality
Lower exploration spending – another response to the end of the commodity price boom

My previous blog, which you can read here , commented on the manner in which mining companies had been able to respond to the recent decline in metals prices by significantly reducing their costs of production...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Cost reductions as a response to the end of the commodity price boom

The recent publication of the 3rd edition of ICMM’s The Role of Mining in National Economies (hereafter RoMiNE3) provides us with the welcome biennial review of the global situation as it affects the large mining and metals industry...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Working Paper
Mining and economic development: Did China’s WTO accession affect African local economic development?

This paper investigates China’s influence on local economic development in 37 African countries between 1997 and 2007...

Extractives Mineral industries Commodity boom
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