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Working Paper
State-dependent fiscal multipliers and financial dynamics: An impulse response analysis by local projections for South Africa

The aim of this paper is to assess South Africa’s fiscal multiplier across different states of the economy, with a focus on the financial accelerator mechanism of fiscal policy shocks, by estimating impulse response functions from both linear a...

Fiscal multipliers impulse response State-dependent
Working Paper
Putting the financial system to work for the poor and SMEs

The financial inclusion effort achieved positive results, with the number of Mozambicans having access to banking services increasing considerably, particularly after 2011–12...

Credit Guarantees Financial inclusion
Working Paper
Economic and non-economic returns to Communist Party membership in Vietnam

Single-party political systems exist in a number of countries, such as China and Vietnam. In these countries, party membership is potentially an important source of economic and social status...

Communist Income Credit
Book Chapter
A brief history of the international monetary system since Bretton Woods

From the book: Resetting the International Monetary (Non)System

Balance of payments Credit Financial institutions
Working Paper
The effects of land titling in Tanzania

We use household survey data to investigate the effects of formal, private property rights to agricultural land on agricultural investment, land valuation and access to credit in Tanzania...

Property rights Land titling Agriculture
Working Paper
A brief history of the international monetary system since Bretton Woods

This paper provides a historical background to contemporary debates on the international monetary system: their genesis, similarities, and differences of problems it has faced at different times...

Balance of payments Credit Financial institutions, International
Social Protection

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 6.2

Households Natural disasters Credit
Job Creation and the Business Cycle in Brazil

What type of business destroys proportionately more jobs during times of economic recessions and hires more in booms?...

Business cycles Credit Economic growth
Journal Article
Political Connections and Land-Related Investment in Rural Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Credit Informal sector Investments
Journal Article
The economics of counterinsurgency: Some evidence from Andhra Pradesh

Present in India since the 1960s, the Naxalite insurgency has steadily spread across the country...

Conflict management Construction industries Credit
Working Paper
Does Financial Liberalisation Improve Access to Investment Finance in Developing Countries?

This paper considers the effect of financial liberalisation on access to investment finance using firm level data covering 57 developing and transition countries...

Credit Finance Financial institutions
Working Paper
Political Connections and Investment in Rural Vietnam

This paper uses household panel data from rural Vietnam to explore the effects of having a relative in a position of political or bureaucratic power on farmers’ agricultural investment decisions...

Credit Informal sector Investments
Journal Article
The Forgotten Property Rights: Evidence on Land Use Rights in Vietnam

Studies of land property rights usually focus on tenure security and transfer rights. Rights to determine how to use the land are regularly ignored. However, user rights are often limited...

Credit Informal sector Investments
Working Paper
Foreign Banks and Credit Volatility: The Case of Latin American Countries

Foreign bank presence has substantially increased in Latin America during the second half of the 1990s, which has prompted an intense debate on its banking and macroeconomic consequences...

Banking Credit Money supply
Journal Article
Credit Demand in Mozambican Manufacturing

This paper uses two industrial firm surveys to identify the key determinants of credit demand in Mozambican manufacturing. We construct five different measures of being credit constrained and estimate desired debt demand...

Credit Manufacturing
Journal Article
Credit Constraints, Entrepreneurial Talent, and Economic Development

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship, Developing Countries and Development Economics

Credit Economic development Entrepreneurship
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