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Working Paper
Internal migration and crime in Brazil

Empirical evidence suggests that the social effects of internal migration may be substantially different from those associated with the arrival of international migrants...

Brazil Crime Internal migration
Book Chapter
Governance and the reversal of women's rights: The case of abortion in El Salvador

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Public service delivery Maternal and child health Citizen engagement
Working Paper
Governance and the reversal of women’s rights: The case of abortion in El Salvador

States’ governance of gender is not unidirectional. In addition to ‘stagnation’ and ‘progress’, there can be an active reversal of rights already granted to women...

Abortion Women Crime
Working Paper
Mandated political representation and crimes against the low castes

Mandated political representation over the last twenty years has had a different impact on the reporting of crime by the low castes than what is observed for the reporting of crime by women...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
Journal Article
Caste-based crimes and economic status: Evidence from India

Crimes against the historically marginalized Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC and ST) by the upper castes in India represent an extreme form of prejudice and discrimination...

Caste Crime Social conditions
Working Paper
State-Building Through Neotrusteeship: Kosovo and East Timor in Comparative Perspective

Why do some states, with foreign assistance, transition from ‘fragile’ to ‘robust?’ Scholars in state-building have argued that neotrusteeship is an effective strategy by which external organizations might build post-conflict ...

Conflict management Crime Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
Liberia’s Gender-Sensitive Police Reform: Starting from Scratch? Improving Representation and Responsiveness

After its 14-year civil war, Liberia worked with multiple donors and partners to restore security...

Bureaucracy Crime Economic assistance and foreign aid
Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Malokele Nanivazo Sexual violence crime (SV) in wartime is not a new phenomenon. Mass rapes have occurred in armed conflicts in Rwanda, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, to give just a few examples...

Crime Education Humanitarian assistance
Journal Article
Does sexual strategies theory help explain high violent crime in South Africa?

In sexual strategies theory, risky behaviour such as crime is the outcome of males' sexual reproduction strategies...

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