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Working Paper
The making (and unmaking) of Uganda’s ethnic-based decentralization programme

Uganda’s post-colony continues to be haunted by the colonial logic of ethnicity. This logic has mapped the country’s post-colonial political landscape as a terrain on which spirals of ethnic-based conflicts and violence are the norm...

Ethnic inequality Decentralization Colonialism
Working Paper
Governance and COVID-19 in Bolivia

On 10 March 2020, the Bolivian government identified two COVID-19 cases in Bolivians returning from Italy. The national government responded swiftly and sent the country into one of the world’s strictest lockdowns on 22 March 2020...

Bolivia COVID-19 Subnational
Subnational governance in Ghana – does decentralization improve democratic outcomes?

UNU-WIDER researchers in The state and statebuilding in the Global South — international and local interactions project attend an authors’ workshop at the London School of Economics . ( Download programme ). Rachel Gisselquist, Daniel...

13 December 202114 December 2021
Online, United Kingdom
Past event
Background Note
Review of sub-national institutional performance in Ghana

Introduction The literature on the concept, measurement, causes, and correlates of sub-national institutional governance is not new. From the seminal work of Putnam et al. (1993) to recent attempts by Iddawela et al...

Decentralized governance Decentralization Governance
Working Paper
Decentralization reforms in Mozambique: The role of institutions in the definition of results

With the introduction of the economic reforms in the late 1980s, the opening up of the political arena and the end of the civil war in the early 1990s, the decentralization process began in Mozambique...

Decentralization Decentralized governance Institutions
UN Photo_Isaac Billy The state and statebuilding in the Global South – international and local interactions

Theme: Transforming states

Building State Capabilities State capacity Aid effectiveness
Journal Article
Educational Assistance and Education Quality in Indonesia: The Role of Decentralization

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

Decentralization Education transfer Education quality
Book Chapter
Macroeconomic Perspective on Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Unemployment Labour market State
Working Paper
A macroeconomic perspective on Asian development

Macroeconomic strategies and policies have differed significantly among Asian countries over the last fifty years, and yet some common issues recur despite their immense diversity in inherited historical initial conditions, differences in political s...

Unemployment Labour market State
Working Paper
Educational assistance and education quality in Indonesia: The role of decentralization

We examine the evolution of educational assistance in Indonesia, following two decades of government decentralization, and its effect on education quality...

Decentralization Education transfer Education quality
Working Paper
Fiscal decentralization and the shadow economy

In this paper we use the new Government Revenue Dataset to analyse fiscal decentralization...

Taxation Decentralization Fiscal decentralization
Working Paper
Political agency and public healthcare: Evidence from India

The development of institutions of self-governance in India, and specifically the 2005 reform—the National Rural Health Mission that introduced village health and sanitation committees—provide a unique opportunity to study the effects of ...

Decentralization Direct democracy Immunization
Challenges for Development Research: Decentralisation, the Transfer of Land, Impact Assessment and Design of Development Programmes, Institutional Failures, and using Agriculture for Development

Workshop hosted by: UNU-WIDER and Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam

6 January 2011
Hanoi, Vietnam
Past event
Photo: Rachel Strohm Decentralization and urban service delivery - implications for foreign aid

Theme: 2010-11

Foreign aid Decentralization Public sector administration
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