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Photo: Thoman Hawk Capable states - building the foundations for achieving SDGs

Theme: Current programme

Capable states Economic growth Clientelism
Working Paper
The state and development

Using a comparative frame that draws on the variation of developmental trajectories in Asia from Northeast Asia to China to Southeast Asia and to India, this paper explores the changing role of the state in these countries and the contributions that ...

State Democracy Redistribution
Working Paper
Backsliding and reversal: The J-Curve revisited

Ian Bremmer published a treatise on the stability of states built on the notion that states fall along a curve resembling a slanted “J” when plotting their stability against openness...

Democracy Backsliding Fragile states
Journal Article
Transitional Justice, Gender Programming, and the UNSCR 1325: African Context and the Case of Kenya

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Justice, Administration of
Working Paper
Oil discoveries and democracy

We evaluate the effect of natural resources on political regimes...

Democracy Natural resources
Annual Lecture
Development research and changing priorities

In 2015 WIDER Annual Lecture 19 was given by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. He discussed the overall challenge of sustainable and human-focused development including new and old challenges...

Democracy Economic development Economics
Development, democracy and cohesion: Critical essays with insights on Sierra Leone and wider Africa contexts

African countries face huge challenges in building democratic and cohesive societies that will enhance the wellbeing of their citizens...

Democracy Economic development Economic policy
WIDER Annual Lecture by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Poverty Inequality Gender
Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen on the Sustainable Development Goals

World leaders are now meeting at a special UN summit from 25–27 September to formally adopt the SDGs, which will then be implemented from 1 January 2016...

Democracy Economic development Human rights
Book Chapter
The Impact of Democracy on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1982-2012

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 1...

Democracy Democratization Economic development
Journal Article
The Middle Class and Democratic Consolidation in Zambia

Part of Journal Special Issue The Political Economy of Africa's Emergent Middle Class

Democracy Voting
Journal Article
South Africa's Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?

Part of Journal Special Issue The Political Economy of Africa's Emergent Middle Class

Democracy Ethnic relations
Journal Article
“No Bourgeoisie, No Democracy”? The Political Attitudes of the Kenyan Middle Class

Part of Journal Special Issue The Political Economy of Africa's Emergent Middle Class

Democracy Democratization Voting
Book Chapter
Does Foreign Aid Support Democracy Development?: Aid, Democracy, and Instability from Trade

This study revisits the effect of aid on the quality of institutions and examines the effects of a major source of instability, namely terms-of-trade instability, on the quality of democracy...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid International trade
Book Chapter
Protesting for a Better Tomorrow?: Youth Mobilization in Africa

Democracy Political science Social movement
Working Paper
South Africa’s Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?

South Africa has seen a significant increase in the size of the black middle class in the post-apartheid period, but the attitudinal consequences of indicators of the middle class, as of 2011, are inconsistent and modest in size...

Democracy Household survey Income
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