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Working Paper
Petrol price regulation in South Africa: Is it meeting its intended objectives?

The South African liquid fuels industry is a significant part of the economy. Historically, government policy focused on import substitution industrialization to support industry margins...

Prices South Africa Deregulation
Working Paper
The Evolution of Vietnamese Industry

The transfer from an import-substitution to an export-orientation strategy has been in effect in Vietnam since the reform process, Doi Moi, necessitating the reformulation of macroeconomic, trading and sectoral policies...

Deregulation Evolutionary economics Industrial policy
Working Paper
The Dynamics of Land Titling Regularization and Market Development

We study the effects of titles on parcel valuation and urban land market development (real estate transfers, rentals, and mortgages), and the dynamics of deregularization by exploiting a natural experiment in the allocation of land titles to very poo...

Deregulation Land reform Land tenure
Book Chapter
Financial Liberalization in Vietnam: Impact on Loans from Informal, Formal, and Semi-formal Providers

From the book: Linking the Formal and Informal Economy

Deregulation Finance Financial institutions
Working Paper
Unsustainable Debt Burden and Poverty in Pakistan: A Case for Enhanced HIPC Initiative

The financing of Pakistan’s substantial current account deficits within the framework of IMF and the World Bank structural adjustment programmes—about 6 per cent of GDP in the early 1990s led to a debt crisis in the late 1990s...

Public debt Deregulation Financial institutions, International
Book Chapter
Global Macroeconomic Management

From the book: Governing Globalization

Capital assets pricing model Capital market Deregulation
Book Chapter
Institutional Cultures and Regulatory Relationships in a Liberalizing Health Care System: A Tanzanian Case Study

From the book: Group Behaviour and Development

Corporate culture Deregulation Healthcare
Book Chapter
Managing Capital Surges in Emerging Economies

From the book: Short-Term Capital Flows and Economic Crises

Capital market Deregulation Economic policy
Book Chapter
Cuba: The Stalled Transition

From the book: Transition and Institutions

Communist Deregulation Free enterprise
Book Chapter
Transitional Recession: Expectations, Reality, Interpretations

From the book: From Shock to Therapy

Deregulation Free trade Supply and demand
Book Chapter
The Washington Consensus Revisited

From the book: From Shock to Therapy

Deregulation Free trade Post-communism
Working Paper
The J-curve is a Gamma-curve: Initial welfare Consequences of Price Liberalization in Eastern Europe

A one-good, representative consumer model of the pre-reform consumer sector of transition economies is developed. An equation is derived that permits empirical estimation of the welfare effect of price liberalization...

Deregulation Economic policy Prices
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