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Developing countries
Working Paper
Fiscal policy, state building and economic development

This paper presents a synopsis of the contextual conditions, factors and challenges under which the recent evolution of tax systems has taken place over the past three decades...

tax policy Economic development Developing countries
Journal Article
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Developing countries Inequality Poverty
Working Paper
Quantifying the impacts of expanding social protection on efficiency and equity: Evidence from a behavioural microsimulation model for Ghana

A large informal sector is a challenge for developing countries building up social protection systems...

Developing countries Social protection Taxation
Working Paper
Poverty and wellbeing impacts of microfinance: What do we know?

Over the last 35 years, microfinance has been generally regarded as an effective policy tool in the fight against poverty. Yet, the question of whether access to credit leads to poverty reduction and improved wellbeing remains open...

Microfinance Poverty Well being
Journal Article
Does Social Spending Improve Welfare in Low-income and Middle-income Countries?

Over the past two decades, there has been unprecedented attention to the promotion of human development via government spending in the social sectors as a conditio sine qua non for economic growth and improved aggregate welfare...

Social spending Aggregate welfare Welfare
Working Paper
What makes countries negotiate away their corporate tax base?

Qualitative case studies suggest that the outcomes of tax treaty negotiations are determined by power politics and negotiating capability...

Developing countries Foreign Direct Investment Taxation
Working Paper
Global distribution of revenue loss from tax avoidance: Re-estimation and country results

International corporate tax is an important source of government revenue, especially in lower-income countries...

corporate income tax International taxation tax avoidance
Working Paper
Fiscal decentralization and the shadow economy

In this paper we use the new Government Revenue Dataset to analyse fiscal decentralization...

Taxation Decentralization Fiscal decentralization
Working Paper
Estimating profit shifting in South Africa using firm-level tax returns

Using the universe of South African corporate tax returns for 2009–14, we estimate profit- and debt-shifting responses in South Africa...

Developing countries International taxation Multinational firms
Photos - AL12

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 12.

Developing countries History (Economics) GDP
What works in education aid policy in developing countries? A systematic review


4 March 20145 March 2014
Global Education Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Past event
The post-2015 development framework: Priorities for the least developed countries

Conference participant, Finn Tarp, Director. For more information please see the Wilton Park event page here .

29 January 201431 January 2014
Wilton Park, Wiston House, Steyning West Sussex, United Kingdom
Past event
The burden of external debt in developing countries

Invited Guest Lecturer, Imed Drine, Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER. Contact person: Tafor Prince Will, University of Jyväskylä...

22 November 2012
University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
Past event
Social protection in sub-Saharan Africa: Will the green shoots blossom?

Social Protection in the form of conditional cash transfers, non-contributory social pension schemes or targeted workfare programs, have evolved in recent years in an increasing number of developing countries. Impact evaluations show that social...

23 May 2012
Mediterranean Museum Auditorium, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden
Past event
Experimental and non-experimental methods to study government performance: contributions and limits

Theme: Development finance

In recent years, field experiments using randomized trials have gained increasing popularity in the field of development economics. In particular, scholars have argued strongly for their use as the best means of identifying ‘what works’...

Field experiments Non-experimental methods Governance
Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 12 - Developing Countries in the World Economy: The Future in the Past?
23 February 2009
Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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