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Development aid
Working Paper
Aid's impact on democracy

This paper investigates the impact of foreign aid on democratic outcomes using a panel of countries for the period between 1995 and 2018...

Foreign aid Democracy Democracy aid
Panel discussion
Rachel Gisselquist at Finland's Development Policy Days 2021

Rachel M. Gisselquist joins a panel discussion at the annual Development Policy Days event hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland. The event is held 9-10 November 2021 both online and at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki from 8:30 – 16:30...

9 November 202110 November 2021
Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Foreign aid can help stem the decline of democracy, if used in the right way

Democracy is having a hard time. In India, once the world’s largest democracy, the pandemic has hastened the country’s slide toward authoritarianism ...

Foreign aid Development aid Aid effectiveness
Jonathan Torgovnik_Getty Images_Images of Empowerment Effects of aid on social protection systems in sub-Saharan Africa

Theme: Transforming states

Foreign aid Development aid Aid effectiveness
Policy Brief
Aid effectiveness: Growth and beyond

The questions of whether aid has impact and is effective have been the subject of considerable attention...

Aid effectiveness Aid and growth Development aid
Journal Special Issue
Aid Impact and Effectiveness Aid effectiveness Aid and growth Development aid
Photo by Petter Meirik_Sida Effects of Swedish and international democracy support

Theme: Transforming states

Democracy Development aid Aid effectiveness
Tackling gender inequality from all directions

Improving the position of women continues to be an important concern in development...

Gender equality Development aid SDGs
Is Development cooperation still relevant in Africa? Lessons from UNU-WIDER research on aid effectiveness

A presentation by Finn Tarp , Director of UNU-WIDER at the 'Annual Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission: Interdependence will come to the fore in global political changes'. For more information see here . Presentation slides here...

22 August 2014
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Merikasarmi, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Finn Tarp Moderates Public Meeting on Nordic Development Cooperation

The Finnish Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto invited his Nordic colleagues to Helsinki to discuss how to enhance cooperation on development policy issues.

Development aid Sustainable development Poverty
Press Release: Nordic Ministers for Development Cooperation to Helsinki - Towards Closer Cooperation

Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto has invited his Nordic colleagues to Helsinki on 13–14 March. The purpose of the meeting is to enhance Nordic cooperation on development policy issues. The participants in the meetings will be...

Development aid Fragile states Development finance
Fragility and Aid-What Works? New York, NY, USA

The UNU and UNU-WIDER event on ‘Fragility and Aid - What Works?’ on 25 October 2013, at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN, draws on research from UNU-WIDER’s diverse global network with the aim of providing an opportunity for discussion of...

Fragility Development aid
Does aid contribute to economic development?

Presentation UNU-WIDER and research on foreign aid. A large and comprehensive, joint research, documentation and communications initiative.

4 April 2013
African Development Bank, Tunis, Tunisia
Past event
Aid, growth and development

The Danish Society for International Development and the Centre for African Studies at Copenhagen University are pleased to announce an international conference on The new Africa – no longer the hopeless continent? Presentation by Finn Tarp,...

2 November 2012
IDA Meeting Centre, Kalvebod Brygge 31 – 33, Copenhagen, Denmark
Past event
Conference on aid - principles, policies and performance

Theme: 2006-07

Aid is one of the most challenging development issues facing the international community. There is now a pressing need to evaluate performance to date, and the future for aid in light of recent events such as the post-Monterrey consensus to...

Development and Finance Development aid Financing the MDGs
Fragility and development

Theme: 2006-07

In recent years there is a growing concern within the international donor community regarding the plight of a special group of countries labeled as 'Fragile States'. These states, which according to current donor lists currently numbers more...

Development and Finance Fragility Fragile states
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