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Domestic revenue mobilization
Working Paper
The dynamics of domestic revenue mobilization across four decades

We utilize the recently updated UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset, which covers key indicators on tax and non-tax revenues for 196 countries since the 1980s, to study the dynamics of government revenue tax collection across selected periods from 1...

Domestic revenue mobilization GRD Tax
Ending aid dependency: Taxation in developing countries can be improved through collaboration

Finland aims to raise the amount of its development assistance to 0.7% of GDP, and this goal has good grounds. But how can we make sure that the countries receiving the donor funding will not stay dependent on the external aid for a long time?...

Tax compliance Tanzania Tax administration
Working Paper
Fiscal states in sub-Saharan Africa: conceptualization and empirical trends

This paper contributes to the debate on domestic revenue mobilization and state-building in the Global South by asking whether there are fiscal states in sub-Saharan Africa...

Fiscal states Sub-Saharan Africa Taxation
Technical Note
Government Revenue Dataset (2021): country notes

This technical note is the third in a series based on the UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset (GRD). The preceding notes have described in detail the variables contained within the GRD and the source selection procedures ...

GRD Government revenue Tax data
Research Brief
Improving the efficiency of tax collection in Tanzania: Evidence from risk-based tax examinations Risk-based approach Tax compliance Tanzania
Working Paper
Tax effort revisited: new estimates from the Government Revenue Dataset

Attention on domestic resource mobilization—particularly in developing countries—has increased significantly in recent years...

Tax effort Domestic revenue mobilization Tax
Stata training for Domestic savings country authors

Capacity development on using Stata software is provided to the country authors of The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries – what can be done about it? project. The training is provided virtually by UNU-WIDER Research Associate...

27 October 202129 October 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Understanding taxpayer behaviour better – New data research collaboration in Zambia Taxation Tax administration data Zambia
STATA intermediate course for revenue authorities

A new 3-day Stata Intermediate training course is provided to 21 participants, representing researchers and tax experts at revenue authorities and research institutes in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The course is prepared and presented by...

6 October 20218 October 2021
Past event
Working Paper
The effects of a risk-based approach to tax examinations: Evidence from Tanzania

While technical assistance and increased use of ICT in the area of tax administration have been regarded to hold considerable promise for greater revenue collection, the evidence on how these activities work in the real-world circumstances of develop...

Risk-based approach Tax compliance Tanzania
Unlocking the mystery of domestic savings: What difference do they make?

The socioeconomic fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore discussions on domestic resource mobilization (hereafter DRM)...

Domestic revenue mobilization Domestic savings Investments
Co-creation for fair and efficient taxation: Research recommendations to improve policies

How can we determine the taxation of wage earners or multinational corporations in a fair manner? Will simplifying tax administration help increase tax compliance in a low-income country context?...

Taxation Administrative data Domestic revenue mobilization
Social protection at a crossroad

How can we ensure a resilient and inclusive recovery from COVID-19? How can we hold on to the target of eradicating poverty and hunger by 2030, with the pandemic still ongoing?...

COVID-19 Social assistance Social protection
Stata introduction course for revenue authorities

An online Stata introduction course was provided to 38 participants, representing researchers and tax experts at the revenue authorities and research institutes in Zambia and Tanzania. Stata is a software for statistics and data science. The aim of...

1 July 202131 August 2021
Past event
Tax data work in Tanzania presented at the Nordic Development Conference

Heikki Palviainen, Doctoral Researcher at the Tampere University , presented the collaborative research paper on the Effects of a Risk-based Approach to Tax Examinations in Tanzania , at the Nordic Development Conference ( NCDE ) on 16 June 2021...

16 June 2021
Online, Norway
Past event
Project workshop
Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank Project workshop: Fiscal states – the origins and development implications
15 June 202122 June 2021
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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