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Domestic revenue mobilization
Corruption and theft in the global oil and gas sector
18 April 2023 16:00
Online, Finland
Open for registration
Paving the way for fiscal capacity
21 March 2023
Online, Finland
Past event
Policy seminar
Findings from recent research based on Zambian administrative tax data

In collaboration with the Research and Statistics Unit at the Zambia Revenue Authority ( ZRA ), UNU-WIDER organizes a dissemination workshop on two studies evaluating tax compliance in Zambia. This event allows all key stakeholders to acquaint...

1 March 2023
Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
$1 trillion in the shade: The annual profits multinational corporations shift to tax havens continues to climb and climb

About a decade ago, the world’s biggest economies agreed to crack down on multinational corporations’ abusive use of tax havens...

Illicit financial flows Profit shifting Domestic revenue mobilization
From Monterrey to Addis Ababa, and what has happened since?

The importance of domestic revenue mobilization and taxation for sustainable development is widely acknowledged in global development discussions, but for real change to happen the amounts of development aid and political engagement need to live up t...

Domestic revenue mobilization Taxation Sustainable development
Author workshop on firms and taxation using micro data from Uganda
8 February 20239 February 2023
Online, Uganda
Past event
The potential of domestic savings in the Global South
7 February 2023
Online, Finland
Past event
Secure research data lab in Uganda: A game changer for efficient and fair taxation

In May 2022, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and UNU-WIDER collaboratively launched a secure research data laboratory facility in Kampala, Uganda...

Tax administration data Evidence policy analysis
Research on mandatory disclosure rules presented at the University of Münster

Assistant Professor Elisa Casi-Eberhard from the Norwegian School of Economics presents a UNU-WIDER Working Paper at the University of Münster 's Economic Research Seminar on 14 December 2022. The topic of Casi-Eberhard's presentation...

14 December 2022
University of Münster, Münster, Germany
Past event
Social protection and taxation in crises – How can tax-benefit systems support households through crisis?
13 December 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
New global estimates on profits in tax havens suggest the tax loss continues to rise

The world has been trying to curb profit shifting to tax havens for a decade, but consistent time series evaluating the impact of these reforms have been largely absent...

Profit shifting Illicit financial flows Domestic revenue mobilization
New country on the SOUTHMOD map: Meet our tax-benefit microsimulation team in Rwanda!

How can Global South countries improve their tax and social protection systems? One way is to take advantage of tools that help assess the impact of different policies...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Social protection
Global tax reforms, net-zero, and domestic revenue: Food for thought from the DRM programme

Domestic revenue mobilization (DRM) and taxation have gained prominence lately on the global agenda, most recently with the resolution for the United Nations (UN) to lead the global discourse on tax rules ...

Domestic revenue mobilization Net Zero Illicit financial flows
Empirical research is crucial for better tax enforcement in the developing world

I had the privilege to participate in the UNU-WIDER Winter School as one of the lecturers. In this blog, I explain my main takeaways for students and why I found this capacity development initiative important and urgent...

Profit shifting Tax Tax administration data
Working Paper
The state and the ‘legalization’ of illicit financial flows: Trading gold in Bolivia

Most research on illicit financial flows (IFFs) has focused on illicit outflows from developing countries and the role of non-state actors in generating IFFs...

Illicit financial flows Political settlements Gold
Harnessing big data and ICT to boost revenues
22 November 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
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