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Domestic savings
Fintech and domestic savings: A perfect match coming true in sub-Saharan Africa

Financial technology (FinTech) is a major force disrupting the structure of financial services in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and enabling access of unbanked people to financial services...

Technological innovations Domestic savings Technology
Working Paper
The determinants of domestic saving in Kenya

The savings–growth nexus is widely acknowledged, both in policy and in the literature. But Kenya’s numerous policy initiatives to encourage savings mobilization are yet to yield the expected outcomes...

Domestic savings Growth Policy
Working Paper
Capital markets in sub-Saharan Africa

Capital markets facilitate capital growth by mobilizing savings and converting them into investments, and they are therefore a stimulant of economic growth. There is evidence that countries with high savings rates tend to grow faster...

Capital market Domestic savings Investments
Working Paper
Determinants of corporate cash holdings in South Africa

Globally, corporate cash holdings have risen since the 1980s...

South Africa Corporate finance Cash holdings
Confronting low domestic savings in Africa

What are the linkages between national savings and sustainable economic growth? Why are there differences in the amounts of savings between different countries?...

Informal work Developing countries Domestic savings
Project workshop
Domestic savings workshop for authors
16 March 202217 March 2022
Online, Nairobi, Kenya
Past event
Stata training for Domestic savings country authors

Capacity development on using Stata software is provided to the country authors of The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries – what can be done about it? project. The training is provided virtually by UNU-WIDER Research Associate...

27 October 202129 October 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Unlocking the mystery of domestic savings: What difference do they make?

The socioeconomic fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore discussions on domestic resource mobilization (hereafter DRM)...

Domestic revenue mobilization Domestic savings Investments
search-contributors-domestic-savings-joanna-kosinska-unsplash.jpg The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries - contributors and research papers Domestic savings Research Domestic revenue mobilization
Project workshop
Domestic savings mini workshop for country case authors

This project workshop brought together the authors responsible for the country case studies of The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries – what can be done about it? project. The country studies will be included in a book volume...

17 March 2021
online, Helsinki
Past event
The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries project 2020 search photo The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries – what can be done about it?

Theme: Transforming states

Domestic savings Domestic revenue mobilization Economic growth
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