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Book Chapter
Peru: employment and inequality trends

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Earnings Decomposition methods Inequality
Book Chapter
Data and methodology

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Data Earnings Methodology
Tasks, skills, and institutions: The changing nature of work and inequality

BOOK IN PRODUCTION – ESTIMATED FOR PUBLICATION IN SUMMER 2023 Developed countries have experienced a polarization in earnings and in employment, namely stronger growth in the earnings and jobs for the most and least skilled workers at the expen...

Inequality Earnings Labour market
Working Paper
COVID-19 and informal work: Degrees and pathways of impact in 11 cities around the world

This paper presents findings from two rounds (2020 and 2021) of a study on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on informal workers in 11 cities across five regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and North America)...

Informal economy Economic impact COVID-19
Journal Article
The resettlement of Vietnamese refugees across Canada over three decades

Part of Journal Special Issue Involuntary Migration, Inequality, and Integration

Canada Earnings Economic integration
The keynote address at the IRSA 16th Annual Conference — Kunal Sen

Kunal Sen is invited to give the Keynote Address at the 2021 Indonesian Regional Science Association's (IRSA) Annual Conference on 12 July. Professor Sen speaks on the main lessons from UNU-WIDER's project on ' The changing nature of...

12 July 202113 July 2021
Online, Indonesia
Past event
Working Paper
Measuring earnings inequality in South Africa using household survey and administrative tax microdata

Overall income inequality in South Africa is very high, and inequality generated in the labour market is a key driver of inequality...

Inequality Earnings Tax data
Book Chapter
South Africa: The top-end, labour markets, fiscal redistribution and the persistence of very high inequality

From the book: Inequality in the Developing World

Earnings Personal income tax Survey data
Working Paper
Inequality and the changing nature of work in Peru

This paper identifies the socioeconomic drivers of earnings inequality in Peru in the period 2004–18...

Earnings Decomposition methods Inequality
Working Paper
Transforming informal work and livelihoods in China

The informal sector has long been viewed as a locus of the disadvantaged, unskilled, and inexperienced workers in under-developed and developing economies...

China Informal sector Livelihoods
Working Paper
Progress and stagnation in the livelihood of informal workers in an emerging economy: Long-term evidence from Indonesia

We use long-spanning individual longitudinal data to examine the long-term labour market outcomes of low-tier informal workers...

Earnings Indonesia Informal sector
Working Paper
Wage inequality under inflation-targeting in South Africa

This paper aims at providing new evidence over the effect of conventional monetary policy shocks on wage inequality through the earnings heterogeneity channel under the inflation-targeting regime implemented in South Africa since 2000...

Earnings Earnings inequality Inequality
Policy Brief
Reducing inequalities in South Africa: Progress on equality thwarted by slow growth and success of top earners

South Africa has the highest rate of measured inequality in the world. Often thought to be a legacy of the apartheid system, inequality in South Africa has stubbornly persisted...

Earnings Personal income tax Survey data
Working Paper
Earnings and employment microdata in South Africa

Traditionally, analysts of the South African labour market have used household survey data to describe earnings and employment in the post-Apartheid period...

Administrative data Data sources Earnings
Working Paper
Taking stock of South African income inequality

We synthesize the findings from several recent papers on South Africa’s very high income inequality...

Earnings Personal income tax Survey data
Journal Article
Human capital, labour market outcomes, and horizontal inequality in Guatemala

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal Inequality: Persistence and Change

Inequality Ethnicity Schooling
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